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    C.H.O.W 425 Mystic Gunslinger :: FINALS

    C.H.O.W 425 Mystic Gunslinger :: FINALS

    Character of the Week #425

    Mystic Gunslinger
    Deadline - Sunday, April 23rd 10PM GMT

    The winner of this C.H.O.W round will have their work featured on the C.H.O.W banner for the next five rounds.

    For this two week C.H.O.W we would like you to create a character sheet.

    Mining for gold in the frontiers of the Wild West was always fraught with danger, but now prospectors have unearthed an even greater threat. Driven by greed, digging deeper and deeper in the quest for gold a careless pickaxe blow has broken the enchanted seals to a dark and ancient prison that some think is older than humanity itself. Many strange and horrific creatures poured out the opening killing hundreds and causing chaos throughout the West. The monstrosities seem immune to regular bullets, and townsfolk across the frontier are calling out for brave gunmen to fight them. Combining powerful age-old magic with modern black powder weaponry many gunmen and women for hire are seeking their fortunes in answering the call to exterminate the hellish apparitions.

    - Male or female human
    - Carries a magically enhanced firearm from the Wild West era. (pistols / rifles / Gatling gun, etc)
    - Genre is Fantasy Western.
    Character Sheet:
    - One front and back view of your character.
    - One action pose / movement study
    - Detail of mystic weapon/s
    Optional extras: Facial expressions, alternative colour schemes.

    The Rules:

    - FINALS: Must post in finals thread before the deadline
    - KNEES UP: Must show at least 3/4 of the character, from at least the knees up.
    - FRONT VIEW: Must be able to see the front of design. No back views without a front.
    - WIPS: Must show at least 2 work in progress shots with final entry.
    - READABLE: Design must be readable, as in a 3D model could be made from your image.
    - ONLY ONE: May only submit one entry. No multiple submissions.
    - 3D: Must be originally created models, excluding primitives. 3D paint-overs permitted. If you choose to use 3D in whole or in part you must show a screenshot of the model in 3D software with final entry.
    - UNACCEPTABLE: These are not permitted: Photos, photo paint-overs, photobashing, pre-made or purchased 3D
    models, rushed works/ rough sketches.
    - NEW USERS: Must submit entries by 6pm GMT on due date, due to's moderation process:

    - DESIGN: Design your character for the brief, not your personal fetish. Nudes without some design are not permitted.
    - READ: Read through the threads; there may be answers to your questions already posted.
    - FUN: Have fun!

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    Swinging from the hangman's noose 'Ol Jebediah made a pact with a demon with his last breath. Now he has to spend his undeath hunting down the evil souls escaped from the mine for his dark master.

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    Character of the week challenge C.H.O.W

    *light nudity*


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    Butch was born blind but after his son brings him a strange box home from mining he is gifted with two new eyes but the eyes slowly push him on a killing spree.
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    Good luck everybody!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew Loomis
    You may question why we do not at once proceed to the finished, smooth, round form. The answer is that in a drawing or painting, something of the individual procedure and structural quality should remain... It is the big form that does the job--not the little and exact.
    Homepage | Dribbble | Art Blog | CA Sketchbook

    Fire With Fire (Steam) [2D Artist]

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    Hi here's mine themed around the trappers
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    SKETCHBOOK any crits are welcome

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    This thread is now closed. A poll will be up shortly.

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