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    Really decent digital artists plz assist this quick question, way awesome inspirat

    Hey guys, you are awesome.

    Could you answer this quick question about digital painting in like photoshop with a wacom screen or tablet, or even iPad + Procreate?

    When you are painting certain values of a scene, do you MOSTLY change colors a lot, or are you using the pressure sensitivity of the pen to get the colors. Ie in the pic I attached, is it a single value color picked the whole time so the leftmost is light pressing, middle is medium pressing, right is hard pressing. OR for all 3 do you press hard, but change the actual base value color each time? Which method of painting values do you mostly use?

    Here is the example.

    Here's what I mean: Look at the green aura around this amazing character.

    Would I be selecting say like 11 or so different, new, green shades and paint them at 90-100% sensitivity? Or would I be selecting say, 1-3 green shades in total and paint them at like 10-100% sensitivity? Which would be the most professional common accurate way of painting to get photorealistic incredible images here, like all the professionals or what you personally do? TY very very very much.
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    Keep in mind this only works in photoshop due to some layering options, however here is what I usually do.
    First create your lineart, such as this circle.

    Underneath the lineart, generally after painting in color of an unimportant hue, which I use to clip my coloring to, I paint in the darkest shade I expect to see in that area.

    On top of that, I paint a second layer. This will be the brightest color I expect to see in that area.

    If you wanted it to be darker or lighter just change the contrast, transparency, whatever works. Then, on that lighter layer, I create a layer mask by clicking like this square with a circle in it. I will explain exactly what to do if my explanation is unclear.

    Now this essentially makes it so if I paint the color black on the mask, it shows the original color, however if I paint in white, it will show the brightest color on top. Doing about a 50% grey would give me a tone between the brightest and darkest. So once I have this, I paint in all the dark areas, and just kind of roughly do the shading, or in this case, the dark spots of the aura. Then in shades of gray I would do the mid tones, and paint it with white on the brightest. Obviously I'm shading it wrong but I'm mostly just showing how to d o

    For this I recommend selecting a brush where it's opacity is dependent on how hard you press, but not the size.So in the areas between the different tones you paint in, I try to approximate the average color between in the two, and lightly brush it in there to smooth it out. I will show you in this image below. You then get something like this. Now I'm still figuring this out, but, as you can see you get that nice gradient.
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