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    OPINION :: Month-long CHOW?

    OPINION :: Month-long CHOW?

    See poll above

    We want your opinion!

    We are considering doing a month-long CHOW, and are interested in hearing your opinions about this idea.

    A month-long challenge would involve more work, however. This particular theme we are planning is a character turnaround,
    and would require a front ¾ view, rear ¾ view, the character in an action pose, and a detailed weapon design.

    What do you think? Do you like this idea or are you opposed to it? Please let us know in the comments below.


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    I think the idea to make these chows more practical to put into portfolio's pretty good. I also think the turn arounds are a good exercise to help keep these chows focused on design instead of illustration. But I think spreading the current chow format thin over a month period will not benefit the forum/subforum overall.
    Maybe keep it weakly but give it an overall bigger project? Like say you have a month or longer for the overall project but you have to deliver certain milestones every week? That way you keep the forum more active (hopefully), give more chances for feedback/crits (which would be really hard with monthly chows) and in the end you are left with a more ambitious and polished result. This would mean being hard on people who miss the weakly deadlines tho and I don't know if that is going to make it too hard for some people to participate.
    That is how I feel about the situation anyway. Would love to hear some more ideas!
    I truly think the format could use some revamping and I do think there are enough people here to make something that will benefit a larger portion of people than it currently does.

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    Yeah - it's a difficult one to gauge. I think people might tend to leave things late if they have more time. But encouraging pro-skills is useful - That's why I suggested having an anything-goes round on occasion; so people can make use of barred techniques like photo-bashing. I'm more illustration oriented myself, but have done turn-arounds for IDW in the past.

    I'm all for adding interesting twists to the challenge anyway - just as long as it encourages participation.

    I did a team chow years ago, but it was difficult to co-ordinate our efforts and we never finished. I'm not sure the community is busy enough to support something like that now anyway.

    Umm... I don't know which way to vote!

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    One way we could go is to ask for multiple characters like this old C.O.W topic:

    Say Hero plus two other party members and a bandit king and two bandits. They could be split into rounds, and people wouldn't be at a disadvantage if they missed one. Any thoughts?

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    I would say an occasional month-long chow that is more in depth and or demanding would be an interesting addition, especially on banner rounds, etc. Making each one a month long seems like it might be too drawn out. I suspect people would lose interest and not bother to finish. The way it is now, with two weeks to complete a CHoW is great, even if you come at it a bit late there is still time to participate, but you still have that looming deadline for motivation.

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    I think month-long contests will hurt the activity and participation on the long run. If someone is interested in putting his CHOW attempts in his portfolio, then they will want to include their development process and character turnaround anyway.
    I have to admit, however, that it will probably allow for overall better quality entries since it seems to me that people arent really trying at the moment.

    Still, like with university education, you only get out what you put into. So if someone feels like putting the time to properly research the CHOW theme and create an interesting character, then two weeks is definitely plenty of time to do all that.

    Bottom line, I dont see a point in changing the format.

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    i dont like it. i see chow here as a fun challenge and i generally only participate to practice, get crits and stuff. the topics are waaay too specific, not a great idea to make portfolio pieces from. its more like an exercise to follow a brief and practice design, get your mind working around things you wouldnt normaly think of, and i think it should stay like it is now or it loses the point. unless the topics are gonna be less restricted like most challenges, leaving it up to you to make an original and interesting piece that is also self explenatory and reflects the style and type of work that you actually want to be hired for. but then again, there are other more popular challenges for that. i think what we have here is pretty cool. and i would really love to try each week's topic if i had the time. if it was a monthly thing i dont see myself participating ever... unless the topic was sexy 70s post punk alien pirates versus crazy reggae gurus from the moon. and that would be once.

    if there's gonna be a change, i think the best thing that could happen is for the challenge to be more concept focused. like character sheets, multiple views, functional designs. i dont know, each week could have different guidelines, like depending if its for game or film, what the character is going to be used for, that kind of stuff. not nescessary to be too demanding, at least something to shift the focus from illustration to character art. maybe there could even be weeks for just splash art, but it would be cool to know what job it is for, instead just do whatever you want with a topic.

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    Facebook and DA already have Character Design Challenges that have a monthly deadline. seems to be one of the last holdouts. They announce a theme and then people just present a finished illustration, character design, or turn around. There is also typically a prize associated with the winner. Either a feature page or a free temporary membership, etc.

    I like the monthly deadline because it really does give me the time to research and develop my ideas and characters. With a two week deadline, I have to rush everything and I am never really satisfied with the results. I think it would be great if you guys did a monthly challenge, but I think a few conditions need to be met.

    First no more cheezy, fan art or cliched themes. If you really want this challenge to help people develop work that they can put into their portfolio then this has got to stop. I've sat out the last two challenges for this very reason. The themes also have to be more open and general. I had a lot of fun with Kitsune, but the theme was very specific. It would have been better if the theme was something like: Japanese Mythology- create a character inspired by Japanese mythology. That way everyone can design something different under the same theme and you get different characters rather than the same one.

    Have some sort of prize pool for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and make sure to post the challenges on Facebook and other social media to increase the number of people participating. It seems to me that the same 10 people or so participate in the challenge it really needs more people participating and utilizing social media effectively would help with this. You have the level up program! Use it to entice more participation. Maybe 1st place wins one month free to the Level up program and is featured on next months CHOW page.

    I noticed that everyone else doesn't like this idea as a replacement to the current CHOW, but I do. Maybe test drive it as a separate CHOW and see how it goes.

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    Jaxeller: Unfortunately me and Adam have nothing to do with the rest of the site, we are just volunteers basically, and have no weight in the level up area.

    Would having your picture in a winners thread be an intensive to anyone here?

    Putting out a month long one as a test drive is an idea, but the voting seems overwhelmingly against it, so I'm not sure wether to start that ball rolling or not. We will look into opening out the briefs for a little more creative freedom though.

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