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    COW #377: Diamond Rain Maker-Voting!

    C.O.W. #377 Diamond Rain Maker - VOTING!!


    ROUND # 377 VOTING

    Topic: Diamond Rain Maker

    Deadline for the voting: Sunday April 9th 2017

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    Artist: Noun

    Concept: Stratusnail

    It deliberately floats out of the reach of humans, so very few people actually know what it looks like from above. Its thick, fluffy, wool-like hide conceals a layer of brittle scales that are shed daily -- they appear to onlookers below as shards of pure diamond. Every once in a while, it will drop rare scales of an unusual color that are sought after by collectors.
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    You may question why we do not at once proceed to the finished, smooth, round form. The answer is that in a drawing or painting, something of the individual procedure and structural quality should remain... It is the big form that does the job--not the little and exact.
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    Artist: Bobby Rebholz

    Concept: Algamonterus
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    Artist: Lege1

    Concept: The Matabor a strange primate that adapted a flying ability due to it gaseous properties. It in takes gases from the atmosphere such as carbon, rhodium, platinum, and gold dust particles. The concoction is interesting as the elements that have been taken in actually cause the Matabor to have an allergic reaction making it's top spin violently along with the ejection of diamonds from the top of its head. The Matabor regularly floats around it's home planet of Narma going from cliff side to cliff side eating moss and of course spewing diamonds as if they were raining down on the land.
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    Artist: scorge

    Concept: Diamondus
    Massive, this member of the sky whale species is a rare species that has only been glimpsed by a lucky few, as it has the ability to produce diamond rain. Through its complex metabolism and an intricate number of filters, Diamondus manage to collect and store raw carbon from the atmosphere. Due to its size and massive amount of heat generated inside of its body, tons of carbon atoms are condensed and released.

    Enormous psuedo-wings adorn the sides of this giant, used more for stability than lift as it glides through the upper atmosphere.
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