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    Master Study for the Day #928 17/03/17

    We aredoing full colour master studies every day/weekend on our journey toget better at art. Join us and continue to Level Up!

    Here istoday's image for the day – PeterPaul Rubens – Saint James the Less

    Name:  #928s-saint_james_the_less_Peter Paul Rubens.jpg
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    1. Begin the master study from the image above. Studies are to be in full colour. Be faithful to the master study. Do not use the colour picker. Do not trace. This is an exercise that over time will pump up your skills very quickly.
    2. Make your study and the master work the same size. This makes it easier for you and others to critique. Do not make it hard for yourself
    3. Upload your finished study directly in a reply to today's thread. Every day or weekend will have it's own thread with the image of the day.
    4. Time limit - 1 Hour minimum at least. This is the minimum to get the full benefit, but you're welcome to put a lot more time into it. The longer you can spend on it, the better you will get.
    5. Try to see how the artist worked and bring this into your study. Match the colour and the shapes in broad strokes, leave details out unless you have the time later. Go from the largest shapes of colour first. Fingernails and eyelashes should be ignored to the end.
    6. Work on a small format, this stops you making those details and enables you to capture the essence. You can make it bigger later.

    Pleasepost your image side by side with the original, either next to eachother or on top of each other. This makes it easier for people to seeand critique.

    You maynot wish to do a study everyday, but work on one over several days.This can make you push yourself harder.

    Critiquefrom yourself and others is always welcomed here, as we are here toimprove. Comment on what you think you've learnt from doing thestudy, where it failed, worked and what you will take forward to thenext one.

    Please tryto research the artist, their paintings & techniques as learningart history is equally important.

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    I gave this one a shot. This is my second master study here at the concept art forums. This one took, I´d estimate, a little over two hours. I went about halfway, got bored with it and left it for two weeks before i decided to pick it up again and finish it.

    Name:  study4.jpg
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    I really started to see how details have to come in at the end. I stayed zoomed out but I think I made the brush too small some times. I also didn't pick the right. It needs more red. The proportions of the face are off. I tried to keep my edges clean, but I think I softened them up a bit too much. I don't think I went far enough with the contrast on the right side of the image. I stayed away from the really dark, darks. They needed more blue. 1.5 hr.
    Name:  masterstudy#928.1.jpg
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    Your colours are almost there. Try to to think big shapes before going into details like the features.

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    It's been a while since I've painted anything. So I figured I'd do some master studies, beginning with this one. The face was definitely a struggle and I'm still off in both value and proportions. Some time ago I bought a pack of brushes for Clip Studio but I haven't really done anything with them since. So I decided to just pick one for this study and see how far I could get. This one had a more traditional feel to it. I'll probably use a different one for the next study and work my way through the pack.
    Name:  928.jpg
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    Couldn't get the face right no matter what I tried. Interesting how a lot of the colours are actually very saturated, I'll probably switch off the painty brush for the future studies.

    <a href=Master Study for the Day #928 17/03/17" title="Master Study for the Day #928 17/03/17" />
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    <a href=Master Study for the Day #928 17/03/17" title="Master Study for the Day #928 17/03/17" />100%x
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    I tried ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Name:  #928s-saint_james_the_less_Peter Paul Rubens2.jpg
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Size:  300.7 KBName:  ileftthestoveon3.png
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    Mine is on the right! Honestly I didn't get much right: couldn't get that umber yellow color going, dude looks like a brother than the subject himself, lost some weight, younger by ten years and sitting slightly differently. It was fun though, and took me approximately 4 hours. Good practice. As the rules state, I abstained from the eyedropper/color-picker, which in the beginning was difficult simply because I relied on it by habit. If I spent a few days on it, he would probably look less like a brother and more like a fraternal twin, haha.

    Everyone's studies look great overall, some more abstract than others but that isn't a bad thing at all. As long as you get one part right, without cheating yourself, then the study was worth the effort, they always are- especially the more frustrating ones, such as The School of Athens.

    Until the next study =)

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