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    Portfolio review greatly appreciated :)

    Hello all

    I've been posted in the critique forum for a while, and i got some great advice, so i feel i should post a portfolio link for a general critique of my content.
    I am looking to work in environment concept art, any advice and critiques are truly welcomed.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Looking at the figures illustrated individually and within your environments, you need to go back to practicing & reviewing your anatomy and proportions, even if you are going for more stylized proportions and anatomy you still need to inform your decisions.

    your value ranges get to extreme in certain places from what I can see where you sometimes use a full black value to shade skin and sometimes there is too much contrast of value in background that it clashes with foreground like in your submission for the 2d environment challenge where the cat does read well because the rim light you used to silhouette it is just as bright as the the rocks you lit in the background which aren't suppose to be as bright.

    Another thing I am noticing is you need to practice better Edge Control, in some of your pieces they sometimes get soft and too inconsistent.

    Some your perspective can get a little funky too, It's mostly when you try to draw curved objects in perspective, like the"Selbas Aerial shot" the balconies curve and arcs gets a little wobbly and inconsistent.

    you have some cool concepts I'd just say it'd also be nice to see some more location designs, rotations and pieces with more storytelling in it. keep at it and keep practicing!
    Animation Student - Toronto Canada

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    thanks a lot for the thorough critique
    Will work on anatomy, edge control(don't know why i get shy w/my edges, and BAM! blurriness :/ ), storytelling and location design. Great tips, I agree w/all of them

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