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    Late to the party, quick sketches

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    I think I won't make it again this time, but really enjoying working on this!

    I'm going for a "Seductive Kitsune" feel/look.
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    Rudii20: Agree with Noun, tail is hard to see. I think part of it is because the cloth wrapping around the arm blocks it in a similar curve as the main curve of the tail (almost like a tangent?).
    Some suggestions would be to alter the tail line's curve and position (like make it bigger or lower than the hanging cloth). I think there's also a lineart technique where things further back have thinner lines, and
    things nearer the viewer are thicker. Maybe that's something to experiment with next time? Overall, though, the design is interesting.

    AdamRoush: Using size variation/exaggeration in design is refreshing Definitely makes your design unique. Watch the ears on the head though, keep in mind how it connects to the head. The farther ear looks like
    it would be impossible to connect somehow. Then for the red trimmings on the skirt, I think you should continue it on the back part skirt (near the tail), since without it, the color of the BG and the back skirt sort of makes
    a visual illusion that the back skirt is not there. Last, be careful of the hip area. The bottom part of the body after the waist (pelvis bone) usually has a bit of length before it connects to the legs. I always make this mistake, so I'm pointing it out in case you don't see it.

    Stinkypanda: She really does look magical. I like the green and red color scheme. Your work also captures the malicious vibe really well. Suggestions: I think the ears would have been better with fur, it seems a bit elven? I think there is also some more room for design on the necklace and the sash, not necessarily in detail. Maybe in color or in type. Another would be to add the lighting effects of the green flames on the clothes and the hands, I think it would spice up the colors on the dress.

    Noun: Man, I always look forward to your designs. They're always super fun and playful. I like the bottom right the best, especially the dot eyebrows.The bottom left one is also really cute. Can't wait to see the finished version.

    Discorave: It's looking pretty good, but I'd ease up on the bend if you're choosing the larger pose. It looks like it's a hard pose to maintain, so it seems a bit unnatural.

    Flamjr: Lovely colors! I think the values are a little hard to read, but checked your other works and you seem to handle them pretty well? Maybe because it's just a wip? Other than that, I totally get the seductive intent, but it's looking pretty explicit. I wonder if the design aspect on that should be eased up? Add sexy underwear?

    My wip so far. Don't think I'll finish either, I'm struggling with cloth folds and colors since I haven't done much studies on them. If anyone has any suggestions on them, that would be awesome.

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    @Noun: I completely agree. I don't like it whenever people hide feet because hand and feet are a big part of the character but I was looking around for Japanese traditional clothing and a lot of it came down so low to the ground you couldn't actually see any feet. So that ended up in the concept and The lower end of the character ended up looking pretty bland so I added some fog and petals to make it more interesting. Definitely a valid critique tho and I will try to show the full character next time! Thanks

    @lucency: Thanks for the crit! I added some extra lighting to the arms(but it's really subtle..). And I tried it with furry ears but It looked pretty weird to me. Probably because the only other places with fur are the tails and those are pushed to the background quite a lot. But the design overall ended up looking pretty much like a normal human and I definitely hoped to put in more 'fox'-like features without making It look like a furry. So I failed that goal pretty hard. I'll try to spend more time designing and thumb nailing next time!
    Thanks for the crit!

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    Apparently the topic was recycled.

    I really wanted to do this challenge but never got the time, so I worked on the rough with whatever time I had left. Won't be submitting to Finals but goodluck to all participants.
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