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  • Nitbratck

    3 13.04%
  • KarmannMarco

    0 0%
  • Noun

    6 26.09%
  • AdamRoush

    3 13.04%
  • stinkypanda

    9 39.13%
  • overpalada

    1 4.35%
  • Jaxeller

    5 21.74%
  • k_z

    0 0%
  • Sparekiss

    7 30.43%
  • raganosis

    4 17.39%
  • iMPhelikz

    1 4.35%
  • Moirae

    2 8.70%
  • Rudii20

    1 4.35%
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    This thread is now closed. A poll will be up shortly.

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    Good work everybody! I did have to make a cut though:

    Dayle: Your piece lacks any kind of sci-fi / cyberpunk elements, looking rather modern and uninspired. Please pay closer attention to the description in the future.

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    I don't have critiques for everyone, rather just a few for those that would be easier to explain via a paintover:

    Name:  revisions_nitbratck-w.jpg
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Size:  241.7 KB
    Nitbratck: First off, your character's upper arms are way too short. The elbow lands at about the mid torso section, so try to use that as a reference for the length. Secondly, given the athletic physique you appear to aiming for, her torso is too wide. Third, your values are too similar is some areas, like the edges of the legs, torso, and feet. They just blend in with the background.

    Name:  revisions_stinkypanda-w.jpg
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Size:  168.3 KB
    stinkypanda: I like the design, especially the holographic horns and double katana. But I think your piece could benefit from some additional lighting. Subtle rim lighting on the left side would really help to pop things out, make it easier to see the forms, particularly on his pants, shoes, and sword strap. Adding some reflected light from his "horns" on the boombox helps to separate the hood from it, while adding some blue lighting on his face makes it easier to make out the forms. Finally, a little more light on the right side [facing the viewer] would give the coat, shirt, and pants more dimension. These subtle tweaks would go a long way into making this a stronger piece.

    Name:  revisions_raganosis1w.jpg
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Size:  194.7 KB
    raganosis: I like your overall design, but the biggest issue with your piece is the values. They're far too subtle and muddy, making it look flat and hard to make out the individual parts, like where the coat ends and pants begin. I'd suggest adding in some darks where light won't be as visible, like on the pants, under the coat and armor pieces, b/t the armor sections, under the arms, and around the collar. Secondly, some brighter values would help to give him more dimension. Thirdly, like stinkypanda, adding some subtle rim lighting on the far-side [right, in your case] would make the character pop out from the background more and give him more dimension. Even just adding in a darker background helps. Don't be afraid of using darker values to clearly defining certain areas. Many of your recent pieces are similarly too muddy, and I wish I could see more specific details.

    Name:  revisions_moirae.jpg
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Size:  293.3 KB
    Moirae: I like the design of her headdress, with the 3 wrap-around sections that reference a samurai's helmet. That being said, I think there are many things that need work. First, the anatomy of the torso is too wide, and lacks proper bone structure. [I tried to paint it in, but the image is small, so it's difficult to get all the necessary detail in.] On the right side, you can see that the ribcage drops down first, then the ab region comes inward, before jutting back outwards for her hip. The belly button is too low; it lives around the mid-torso, and this is especially true since we're looking up at her. Also, adding in the ribcage in her center top-opening would help. Secondly, something that I've noticed your pieces lack, is a strong sense of lighting or contrast. Your values are too similar, thus making your images look rather flat. I think you could benefit from spending more time playing around with lighting scenarios before committing to your painting. Also, having the background so light makes it impossible to see the glowy aspects as being glowy. You can really drive up the visual punch with some contrast b/t those two elements. Use a hard light layer to get the effect that you see in my paintover. Also, adding in some rim lighting on the right would, again, help to pop her out and give her more dimension.

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    Nitbratck: Some of the blues, particularly the legs sink into the similar background, but the orange leaps out very well.

    KarmannMarco: Where has his other arm gone? I assumed it was holding the sword too, but there is only one hand on the hilt, it just seems to disappear abruptly behind the sword and I canít figure out how it could be completely hidden. Also watch the twist of the ankles too, The left foot (his right) is twisted out of true compared to the direction of the knee is pointing. (Try pointing your foot in a different direction to your knee whilst standing, itís very uncomfortable!) And the other is twisted sideways like he is putting his weight on the side of the foot, which makes the cool sword pose a little less stable overall.

    Noun: Fantastic design, liking the touches like the praying hands on his banner probably denoting fallen comrades / family. You have some subtle touches of green in there, but maybe add some dashes of brighter contrasting colours in the design (maybe in the neon bits) to really shine against the predominant warm red and yellow palette?

    Stinkypanda: I think the background is a little too close in tone to the character itself, although I think you have realised this by putting the lighter stripe across. I would have added a little sci fi to the ghetto blaster too, or maybe made to look as if it has been adapted with extra wires or something to hack into other frequencies etc.

    Adam Roush: The background is doing more harm than good; I think it needs that lighter area on the left to pick out his far arm like in the simpler two tone fade version. Maybe add a neon sign directly behind his far sleeve? I donít think the pin light is enough on its own to drag his silhouette from the grey buildings on the left. Also his coat tails are flying out backwards, but his scarf is flowing out to the sides so Iím a little confused as to the direction he is moving is he jumping / falling downwards?

    Overpalada: Anatomy issues: the arms are a bit long, I think the sloping shoulder pads have thrown off where the shoulders should be and it has moved the arms and made end further down than they should. Also the lower leg is a lot shorter than the upper leg, assuming that pad is where the knee is. Making the character wink was a good move, it makes the symmetrical pose more lively and paints more personality into your samurai.

    Jaxeller: Really liking the design on this one. One problem I see though is the way the foremost leg connects with the hip, it pinches in strangely and looks a little disconnected.

    K_z: An unusual pose. I like the robotic arm, but her arm beneath it seems very stiff and straight in comparison, and generally doesnít seem to be held in a naturally relaxed position. Iím not sure what the gesture of the other hand means either, is she gesturing for someone to stop, or holding her hand up in peace?

    Dayle: The sci fi element has been left out, and you really could have gone a little flashier with the hip hop style, really loud and stereotypical 90ís style.

    Sparekiss: Liking this one a lot, it has a lot of personality even though we can see their face. I would maybe have stuck a high contrast colour to work against all the reds, maybe brightening up the blue bits or going all out with some green. Is that a gun in his hand?

    Raganosis: I liked your middlemost wip the best, I think in making it more realistic and less stylised a lot of the character has been lost in your design.

    imPhelikz: A solid design, If a little plain. Whilst your concept isnít wrong The 90ís element was your chance to jam a lot of crazy colours into your design, maybe some neon stuff like in tron, etc.

    : Thanks for the paintover Adam Roush. My earlier works were often very high contrast to the point of black, and I have been trying to avoid this since, but it seems I keep going too far the other way...
    I hate that bionic leg, thatís going out when I work on this some more. And the trainers, I must have repainted them five times, and only found out they were called ďhigh topsĒ after Adam Roush told me. Going by some of Will Smithís outfits in the 90ís colour harmony didnít seem to exist back then, which explains my palette here.

    Ruddii20: Quite a lot of empty space around your piece, I would have cropped it closer so we can see more of the details.

    Please feel free to leave comment and crits of your own!
    Character of the week challenge C.H.O.W

    *light nudity*


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    thanks for the critiques moirae. good point maybe its too red. and i moved on to make the more final version even more red... before reading your comment. its in my sketchbook if anyone is interested for cc. nothing too special just some tweaks to pop it out. and yep thats a gun in his hand. i guess his fist is too closed and the yellow diagonal line doesnt help the perspective. your piece turned out pretty nice looks much better with that mask and floating neon helmet than with hair blowing. i agree with adamrush she kinda looks better in darker background but thats details good job overall.

    as for the rest of the guys there's not much to point out that hasnt already been said. just a little tip considering many works here are very stylised, it may seem usefull to most of you. remember no matter what style and how 2d and graphic it is, you always have to think about 3d form and construction before even thinking about graphic statements and how to translate that form to style. even if its something that can be described with just a contour and seems simple, if you havent figured out its form in your mind and how it sits in space, why would the viewers? thats it hope it helps!

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    Thanks for the feedback Moirae, I agree with your critique it is definitely pinching a bit. Glad to hear that you like the design!

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    @AdamRoush: I really appreciate you taking the time to do so many paintovers and in depth critiques! Great job man!
    Completely agree with some of the forms not reading well. That's why I added the lighter grey square behind the character last minute.
    But adding rim lighting was a much better way to fix that. Will definitely try to make things more defined/readable in the next one!

    @Moirae: Yeah I tried it with a straight white background and i looked a bit better but I felt like it took away from the cyberpunk thing.
    But yeah, values are all a bit too same-y. And adding some extra details to the blaster would probably make the narrative of the
    concept a lot better. Great point!

    Thanks a lot for the crits guys, probably the most important part of these chow's. I will try to pitch in on the next chow and do some crits where I see some valuable points.
    Great work everyone! See you all in the next one!

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