Caught this from a 3dTotal tweet and it seems intriguing. A box from CG Cookie folk.. Come with: "23 tools, 2 full-length training courses, 2lbs of clay, 30-day access to CG Cookie"

2 Acid Brushes
Wide Fine Brush
Small Fine Brush
16 Gauge Armature Wire 25ft
28 Gauge Armature Wire 100ft
4 Cuticle Pushers
1 Double Ended Wire-Wrapped Rake Modeling Tool 6
1 Double Ended Saw Tooth Rake Modeling Tool 16
1 Kemper W21 Combo Wire and Wood Tool
2 x 11mm and 2 x 14mm Black Beads (Eyeballs)
Reticulating Foam (Smoothing Clay)
2"x 6" x6" MDF Sculpting board
Seems like a good deal for 67 (well.. that's pre-order.. regular 89). I would figure the bulk of that is the video/30 day training.

Thoughts on this? A decent deal?