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    EOW #284: Data Farm - FINALS

    EOW #284: Data Farm - FINALS

    EOW #284: Data Farm

    A farm for data. Lots of data. More data than you can farm, really.
    Happy Holidays!!!

    The due date is two weeks from now: January 5, 2017.

    Post your final entry in this thread. Thank you and good luck.
    Join us for the EOW..

    New World Creation: Designers Wanted – Environment of the Week

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    I asked my wife (who likes to write) if she wanted to write the back story for the picture. I hope that's ok? Anyway, here goes;

    During the 21th century, people began living their lives to an increasing extent over the Internet, eventually substituting most of their interaction with others to communications over the web, often on Internet communities. Given the possibility to “build your own brand”, people quickly discovered the superficial joy of portraying themselves as living the lives they always dreamed of. It was almost as good as actually living such a life. However, as is true with most things superficial, the joy was a treacherous one. As everyone else began “building their own brands”, the interactions quickly became more and more competitive in nature. There was always “a more perfect life” to be lived out there, and in comparison the latest vacation pictures or restaurant meals soon seemed both dull and mundane. Out of this constant and ever growing sense of inadequacy grew an increasing need to “perfect oneself”, and people began shopping for the perfect image of themself. This became more important than actually living life and businesses quickly caught on, targeting their advertisements to increase profits. Companies began storing information about those using the Internet communities until they basically knew more about their users than these did about themselves, lost as they were in the make-belief story of their lives that they had created for themselves. Soon enough, there were no longer enough room on Earth for the amount of data gathered and companies began storing the data on privately owned space stations circling the planet. This also meant they no longer needed to answer to the democratically elected governments about privacy issues. National governments did not have authority over the space stations, who grew over the years, decades, and centuries, as nothing was ever deleted. On the picture you see an employee of such a company seeing to the functioning of such a space station. These were usually manned by one person at all times to ensure operability. It was a very lonely job.

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