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    I was wondering what kind of sketchooks you like to use. Do you Have a preference, and if you do, for what reason?

    The book I am drawing in right now says it's a "versatile surface for charcoal, pastel, pencil, pen and other dry media. All I am using it for is sketching, so I don't need to be able to paint in it. But, When I shade, I get the texture of the paper, and I find it hard to get and solid value, without the texture showing through.


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    I use Earthbound sketchbooks which are brown. Personally I prefer to use midtone paper since the use of soft graphite and white charcoal really make something stand out if done right. Whites just seem to be whiter and darks look darker. I don't know of a lot of paper that doesn't show it's texture maybe bristol board but that's pretty bulky for sketching. The texture shouldn't show up too much if you shade using the point of the pencil. Just keep going over it or crosshatching. My guess is you use the side of the pencil. That's probably the reason it's showing up. If hatching isn't really your thing, there's always smudging. Also get a box of pencils with different hardnesses. I like using HB most of the time but when I need something really dark I go with my trusty 4B's or 6B's. Get a pack of Staedtler Mars Lumograph pencils, they sell a boxed set with 19 pencils with all sorts of hardnesses from 8B to 6H I think...They're great pencils, try em out
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    try a cartrige paper pad, they tend to be pretty smooth (unless you get textured)

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    Personally for general use I've always used the Canson pads, good paper, strong spiral...and now they have a new mysterious black cover design....oooooooh.
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