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    Exclamation Should I seek legal help

    A few months ago I had a piece displayed during a not-for-profit organization's fund raising gala.
    In the past I have had work destroyed so I made sure that there was a liability agreement covering all aspects of damage during the event. This contract was signed by the organizations COO.

    During the event the work was not protected as described in the agreement (I have photos), and during the event someone damaged the work.

    I have been in regular contact with many people at the organization requesting updates, however there have only been replies of "It is being dealt with and we will update you soon."
    Recently, I emailed everyone that could be involved with the insurance claim requesting an update and the name of the insurance company responsible (the special events coordinator, the COO, and the CEO).
    I have recieved emails in return from the special events coordinator and the COO.
    They have said that the organization's CEO is taking care of the claim and they do not know the current status.
    I believe that the CEO may be stalling the process for some reason.

    I have pictures of the work before damage and after damage, I have pictures of the work being displayed in a way that breaches our liability contract, I have emails from the organization stating that it will be taken care of, I have a witness to the state of the installation, and more. I want the CEO to respond promptly and take responsibility for the incident.

    Should I seek legal help, and what type of lawyer should I look for if necessary?
    I do not know what it would be called when regarding liability waivers, but is there a statute of limitations in Connecticut that I should be concerned with?
    How should I proceed, because the CEO is very good at not responding to my emails?
    Should I call and schedule an appointment? I wanted email correspondence to have proof of our communications.

    I do not have a lot of money, but the liability agreement states that I will be reimbursed fully for the value of the piece.

    Any information would be helpful,

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    Bill them for the full cost. They will receive the money from the insurance company, not you. Then you can take them to small claims.

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    I'd file a police report/ report vandalism, have an official record, and then pursue the matter as per Black Spot, send an invoice and just assume the contract. Act like you know what you are doing - their CEO probably doesn't know what to do at this stage. If you have paperwork in place, you can start charging interest and bill it to insurance.

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