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    Painter Classic to painter 7

    Well.. I have Painter Classic at home.. then they have Painter 7 at school... and My god it is so confusing... and there's so many new options jesus.... how long would you estimate it would take to learn the new interface and gizmos n gadgets?

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    Hi Lil,

    That is a very difficult question to answer. It depends as well on how many hours a week you can spend with the program. You say you already have Painter Classic, so it's not like learning totally from scratch.

    My advice would be to explore a specific topic each week using the paper manual or online help. I think there are so many features in there that it is very easy to become overwhelmed and frustrated. Familiarity with specific features over a period of time will allow you to gradually build up confidence. I've never had the application blow up on me just through experimenting, but expect it to freeze from time to time (which is abnormally normal).

    Most important of all is to have fun and not get too bogged down with technical stuff, especially in the early days.


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    Well lets compare it to learning photoshop... what would you say then?

    Thanks for the input!

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    I think if you know Photoshop, and are computer savy.. then learning painter 7 will take no time at all.. I think it should only take you about 1 week to really get ahold of the basic fundamentals of Painter 7.. that is if you actually take the time, to sit down and mess with everything... If you go about trying to use painter just like photoshop, you will have a struggle... but you will eventually learn its ins and outs.. But, its always best to know both, that way you can switch back and forth.. They both have there strenght and weakness..

    good luck


    PS. Plus you have this forum as a resource for any questions if you ever get stuck..
    -Deth Jester
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    Hi LiL QoH,

    In about a week, you should be able to learn what each of the palettes contains, play with a few of the brush variants, fiddle with brush control settings just to find out what happens, and explore the main menus and palette menus, testing a few of the Effects menu options, Art Materials, and Objects palette sections.

    You won't have the basics of Painter 7 down by a long shot, in a week. What you'll have in a week, if you spend time with it, is an overview, and find yourself tantalized to continue exploring and learning.

    Painter takes years to learn well. That's good news. It never gets boring!

    And it should not discourage anyone, as Painter is like a bottomless well of surprises and delights, and even at the beginning a new Painter user can have loads of fun.

    Here's something that might give you a little boost:

    There are three sets of two pages each, for Painter 5, Painter 6, and Painter 7. The link above takes you to the first page for Painter 7. Click the "Next" link at the bottom of the page to go to the second page for Painter 7. Be sure you're reading pages for your version, as there are also links to the two-page sets for Painter 5 and Painter 6 also at the bottom of the pages. The version is included in the title at the top of each page so it should be easy to know you're reading information for your version.

    On the second Painter 7 page, you'll find keystroke commands to toggle the palettes open and closed so you can clear your Painter screen and work more comfortably. Be sure to keep those handy as they make a big difference. Matter o' fact, you can save the pages to your computer and/or print them for handy reference.

    For loads of other Painter information, follow the links on this page:

    On the right side of the page, the links are all for Painter 7. The top left link goes to a collection of tutorials, several of which are also good for in Painter 7 and they're color coded to indicate which versions.

    NOTE: Everything on my site is available for individual use only. If you want to share anything, please send your friends to PixelAlley.

    Please do not PM me with Painter questions. Instead, post them here where everyone can benefit from them. Thanks!

    Jinny Brown
    and The PainterFactory

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