hey, i didnt know if this was where i should post this or not. anyways, im in a professional development in the arts class, and we need to interview a professional artist with a few questions, so i thought i'd post them here and hopefully get a few replies from the pros here.

these are mostly intended for those who attended art school, but any replies would be appreciated and you can just omit any questions that dont apply to you. oh, also if you do fill it out, if you could post your real name with it too, that would be great, this doesnt matter too much though.

also if anyone else has any questions like this to ask, then maybe throw them in here? and we can have a place for this kind of thing, can be very helpful for a beginner.

thanks, peace

1. Had you always planned on doing art for a living?
If not, what were you interested in doing before art?

2. What area of art were you most interested in before attending art school?

3. What area of art were you most interested in after attending art school?

4. Which courses and areas of study did you find had the most impact on your art?

5. When you graduated from art school how long did it take you to find work in your field?
How did you support yourself before finding work in your field?

6. What surprised you most about how things were done in art school?

7. What surprised you the most about how things were done when you started working professionally?

8. Which other artists are you most inspired by?
Did any one artist begin your interest in art?

9. Do you ever find your work getting boring or repetitive?
If so, what do you to do get over this?

10. What advice would you give to aspiring artists?