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    Question about studies and reference placement

    Where exactly do you place the reference that you're studying? I have two monitors and it's much much harder to do the study if I put the reference on my secondary monitor (such that I have to tilt my head slightly to one side or the other as I focus on the reference and workspace accordingly). Conversely if I put the reference in the same PS document right next to my workspace (on the main monitor) it's significantly easier to lay in the shapes and get the values correctly (also the second montior seems to have some green tint which I suspect makes it even harder to judge the values). My point is, there is a significant variance in difficulty as a function of the location of my reference image and I wonder how to calibrate this difficulty to suit my study needs.

    This question is raised specifically in the context of working on the Composition 1.1 assignment, but a general answer would be even better


    John of Leiden

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