I can see from the quality of art work here and elsewhere that there are soem very talented people out there.

My question is simple then - I hope - and preludes to a vision I have for something that could probably be described as using dramatic lighting / lots of shadows , contrasting psychadelic / vibrant colours using optical illusions .

If I wanted to persue something of this nature then that concentrates more on the lighting , creating intresting renders so on but I wanted to keep my budget tight , what would you recommend ?

I noticed bryce was pretty cheap and I can get photoshop 8 illustrator cs on ebay cheap too , I'm not sure however 3d enviroments work using 2d packages and so I was also playing with the idea of possibly getting some affordable modelling program too - if they exist .

Well that pretty much concludes what I have to say , as you can see I still very much undecided about what direction to take this and so maybe experimentation with demos would be best , if any one has some suggestions / links or uk mirrors then I'd be grateful for your feedback.

thanks for listening

jet g