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    Common Errors in Doing the Composition 1.1 Assignment

    We are seeing the same errors time and time again. Please take note.

    1. Posting all the assignments in one go. The idea is to improve, and this gives us little room to help you. You may be requested to redo a few.
    2. No analysis with each image. As part of the assignment you need to include your thoughts on rhythm, balance, focus, variety, continuity, economy, repetition and unity. This is an important part of the assignment to show that you have understood the underlying tenets of composition.
    3. Painting shapes widely off as you try to cram everything in an hour. Don't. Spend more time getting the shapes correct at the beginning. If you need longer than an hour, take that time, speed will come as you progress. Use a grid if you need to (Mucha did) just don't become over reliant on it. Remember shapes make up the biggest part of any composition.
    4. Guessing the values. Sit back and squint to check these. Values make up a major part of the buzz word in point 2.
    5. Lack of hard edges. Edges lead the eye through the composition and define the focal point. Do not omit them.

    Now go and kick ass.

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    May I suggest you include these tips in your Assigment instructions? I can only speak for myself, but as a noobie, I stick to the assignment and don't browse the forum so much. I don't even know how I got here, but Im glad I did! Helpful tips


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    Older post but Blackspot is dead on. I noticed the same thing on a couple of recent threads. Also, Natasa is correct, it would be so very helpful if these tips and and better sense of how one may get started was provided. However, I do think one learns alot from spending some time in other's threads and doing some other research into technique.

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