Hello everyone,

Volition is looking to fill a dedicated concept art position.

Environment Concept Artist

Volition Inc.( www.volition-inc.com ), developer of The Punisher, Red Faction, Summoner, FreeSpace, and Descent franchises, is currently seeking talented candidates to fill an Environmental Concept Artist openings. The positions available are for multiple action titles that are currently in production or pre-production. Prior game experience is required.


Primary: Create concept drawings based on written or verbal direction. This includes loose idea generation and tight plan drawings from which 3d artists will refer.

Secondary: Create full paintings to provide a look and feel for a setting. Heavy use of color theory, composition, and lighting.


Must be able to draw a breadth of subject matter in a variety of styles in a convincing manner.

Must demonstrate a strong understanding of perspective drawing and architectural design.

At least two years of applicable industry experience preferred.

Knowledge of at least one major 2D package (Photoshop, Painter, etc.) is a plus.

Ability to create character concepts in addition to environments is a plus.

Modeling and mapping experience are a bonus, but are not mandatory.
Sample Work Required:

Samples of 2D art work, including sketches, paintings, digital-paintings, etc., deliverable in the following formats (online, CD, DVD, or VHS format)

Samples of any 3D game artwork that you have been a part of creating.

All samples must be accompanied by a description of each, with specific information on what you were responsible for, what tools were used, etc

Relocation to Champaign, Illinois is required.

If you are interested, follow the directions on the Job Board http://www.volition-inc.com/v_employment.cfm All inquires will be strictly confidential.