This is my first post most of the time I look at everyones art for inspiration. Im in the military in japan and Im decent at drawing and I like programming games and making art for games. But I have thought of a new project that has been bugging me to be created.
I would like to make an animation, but not any animation, what I mean is an animation that looks unfinished. Like the secret ending at the end of the first heavy metal. How it was an animation that looked sketchy and all. But the thing is I have no experience with animation just drawing, programming, and painting.I am leaning along the lines of people scanning thier drawings and we make the animation electronically I dont now if there is a program like that though.

But I want to make this animation about the history of the world for everyone to take a look at themselves from a distance. To step back and look at our history and see what whe have done and look at ourselves now. Show everyone how we fight and argue over petty things, and show people how strong love can be. I want to show people what is really important in life.