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    James Ambrous – Composition 1.1Color and Light 1.1

    Here's my take on the assignment. This took about 4 1/2 hrs and I think it's the closest I have come to a "correct or accurate" depiction of myself that I like. I tried to use economy of strokes on the body and headphones to add emphasis to the face and the eyes which I made just a little bigger on purpose. They seemed to draw my attention early on so I made them stand out just a bit more. I tried to have a full range of value though the mass shadow could have been pushed a little more. I did like how the light hit both my face and ring. And I through in the head phones, which apparently many people also did, so that I could show my ring and not have my hand rest on my face.

    Crit links to added later tonight.

    Thanks for looking.
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    good start, keep working on shapes before you start rendering, skulls (male) might help for underlaying structure (drawing 1.1)
    Value wise shadow side is too light. I would recommend also do sargent portrait, hopefully this isn't overwhelming. keep it up
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    Hey mate,

    I think the economy of strokes in the surroundings is a great idea, I would push it even further and eliminate the background strokes alltogether. At the moment it competes a bit because the values are all similar everywhere.

    I dont know your light setting, but I think it's safe to assume the mass shadow could have been pushed a whole lot more. Eg. If you rendered your hair so dark, then the skin should correspond to that setting, too.

    Overall I suspect you have gotten caught in the cool details of the pic which are rich in story (the logo on the earphone, the eyes) at the expense of shading all the shapes fairly. Try not to segment different parts of the portrait and try to render them as a single "blob" at the begginging, that idea often helps me, at least.


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    Make sure big shapes are correct before you start adding any detail.

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    You need to keep the darkness consistent, with such a bright contrast, you have the darkest in the hair, which you should be creating more contrast on the shadow side of the face. And rounding out the features with your face so that it doesn't look flat.

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    A good study, not knowing the light source myself though, I think the core shadows are a bit too light, there seems to be a lack of darker darks and everything is almost the same light, was this in your original mirror?

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