Art: Need help with dark situations.

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    Unhappy Need help with dark situations.

    Hi, i'm a beginner at photography and i'm having trouble when taking shots of areas with low light. For instance i used a light from a desklamp in a dark room, so that i could get a good contrast with light and dark. When i develop the film, it's just clear. I use tha highest exposure btw so i could let as much light in as possible but i don't think it picks it up. Have you any advice for me? How could i take shot's as i mentioned so it shows up. I use a 35mm lense SLR camera (the manual kind).

    Thanks very much.

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    If your are using a tripod there is no need to put it at the maximum iso. You be fine whit a 200iso.

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    If you are doing things correctly, you should have captured some images even in a low light setting. Your problem could be due to:

    1. your films not developed correctly, wrong chemical or procedure.

    2. your exposure was way off. (by the way, did you correctly metered the light and set your camera aperture and shutter speed? Is light meter working correctly?)

    If would be easier if you post more information, like what exactly do you mean by highest exposure, and what film speed, aperture and shutter setting etc.

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