Since we're mostly in the digital realm here, I thought I'd ask some questions about your monitor settings and such.

I think this is important, because if I make a drawing and it looks nice on my monitor - let's say I get a crit that it's too light, or too dark, or too saturated or could all be due to differences in monitor quality and the settings you use, right?

So how does one go about insuring that ones digital artwork comes through the way it's supposed to on all other monitors?
I guess it's just impossible...

As for my settings, I have used Adobe Gamma to create my own monitor .icm profile.
I have my monitor(19" LG Flatron 915FT Plus) set to 100 contrast and 10 for brightness(after I made the profile. Before I made the profile, it was set to 35 brightness). The colour temperature is set to 9500K.

But then, if someone else has totally different settings, my artwork may look bland to them compared to what I see(colour warmth and brightness/contrast wise at least).

Your comments about this?

It would also be nice if someone could add something about getting the most correct colours on a printout(not professionally, but when I want to print out my own stuff on my HP inkjet).