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    Post Opinions on Hogarths Shading book

    Anyone read through it?

    Would this be a book you'd recommend for newbies? such as I, and I'm not talking of concept beginner more of a total beginner.

    Any other ideas of WHERE the private lectures should start?, meaning what should one begin to draw, perspective based cars and vehicles / human anatomy / minddrawn pictures / art...

    Thanks in advance ppl


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    I own this book for quite a while now (since being a newbie ) and I wouldn't recommend it for a beginner. Well, at least not for learning. Rather for inspiration. Hogarth is great but IMO has no didactical qualities. He gives no hints at how to practise, what to practise and so on. Go to a bookstore and leaf through it and you'll see what I mean.


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    yea i catch yer meaning, i came across a site that showed som pages from the book and it seems more of an book to fuel your inspiration-tank as you say, though seems mostly interesting

    thanks for yer reply jester

    stay dedicated

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    i didnt learn much of anything from that book. i have his anatomy and dynamic figure drawing books, and, while they aren't the best books on the subject, i did pick up a few good pointers from them.

    i dont really know of a good book on shading, although portrait drawing books are a good way to learn since the face has all sorts of weird shadows and highlights.

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    I think the people tht benifet most from hogarth are modelers ! his shading to me is more shaded around each muscle rather than true shading if you ask me however i recently bought bridgmans guide to life drawing and have learned far more about shading and drawing the figure in general but everyone has difrent ways of learning id defenitly suggest bridgmans though !

    I also agree on the potrait book coment david graves has a very old booki belive thats his name that is about painting portraits back in tthe 50s has some great drawing shading tips in it

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    cerreto_ - if you're reffering to 3d-modelling than it might be usefull in my case. and the fact that hogarth specifies around the muscles makes it even more interesting...

    about bridgeman, yes, many point me to that direction and I somehow always see him as a version of Loomis, same stuff different names...though i guess im wrong, gonna cheq up on him. thanks mate

    MrSmith - yah portraits is a must they say...havent gotten that far yet, but i'll prioritize it even higher ... cheers mate

    thanks all for givin me some insight


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    I like the dynamic drawing book.... I am not very good at drawing figures without refs, but dynamic drawing book helped me to see some of the things i don't normally see

    hogarth is the man, he makes up figures so easily and it fools the eye to believe it's real, the way he shades things shows how well he knows the material and shape he is drawing, not only the texture but also the bone structure.

    ie. look at the hands he draws and the flow of his's simply awesome.

    cerreto: what book is that? by bridgmans? can you give me the ispn number and the full title?

    thank you!

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