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    don't look!

    (Jokes, please look xD)

    Hey, I'm 21 years old, first year animation student. I got back into drawing again very recently, like late last year, after a long hiatus. It's seriously inspiring to see people trying their hardest to reach their potential here. Great artists before and now had the guts and dedication to show us what's possible – they weren't afraid of going as far as they could – so by theirs and by your example, I'm not going to die without seeing how far I can go too. The pencil will set me freeeeeeee!!

    Also I welcome all feedback and comments.

    Thanks for dropping by!
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    Birdwatcher design

    For the animation program I'm doing, they asked us to choose someone's character, and re-design it. I chose an eccentric birdwatcher. I was trying to avoid the common portrayal of the eccentric as the approachable and endearing character (think of Professor Bomba and his elaborate head gear from Epic, the Trelawney from Harry Potter with her huge glasses). I tried to go for something counter-intuitive, so someone very serious, stoic and strong but almost unapproachable at first sight, but just as over the top and passionate about his hobby and intelligent. Thought it would be funny taking advantage of his seriousness.
    Name:  initial concept reduced.jpg
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Size:  271.0 KB

    I also came up with other designs, nothing ground-breaking, just for gesture practice.
    Name:  otherbirdwatchersfixed.jpg
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Size:  180.0 KB

    We also had to do a kind of character turnaround sheet for our final character where we try and choose poses that best show personality.
    Name:  turnaroundoriginalfixed.jpg
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Size:  192.3 KB
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    The study of gesture will never end!!

    I seem to have a real trouble drawing children with their weird proportions, so I wanted more practice. Need to practice drawing exaggerated expression as well. It's really hard for me right now to not make people look creepy when they have anything other than a vacant or vague expression on their face.
    Name:  liddleppl.jpg
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    Quickposes said to always keep a record of your best poses to keep you motivated to keep up the practice. So here's what I think are my best! Done over several months, all around or under 2 minutes.
    Name:  Bestposes2.jpg
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    Name:  Best poses1.jpg
Views: 1648
Size:  201.9 KB
    Name:  Bestp7.jpg
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    I think it's a pretty big improvement on how I used to draw bodies 2013, which was way too anatomical and less expressive.
    Name:  oldfigures.jpg
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Size:  493.1 KB

    Ron Husband says artists should always carry a sketchbook everywhere they go, and get in the habit of drawing as a way of note-taking, like actually capture real people in movement. These were my first attempts. SO HARD.
    Name:  Peoplesketches2.jpg
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Size:  180.6 KB
    Name:  Peoplesketches1.jpg
Views: 1689
Size:  170.7 KB

    Few months later, I got into the habit of carrying a sketchbook everywhere I go and recording interesting things. Some of these were done from memory, because I only got a few moments glance - didn't wanna get caught staring. Cos I have been caught several times. SO AWKWARD
    Attachment 2102251
    Name:  IMG_2038.JPG
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    Name:  IMG_2035.JPG
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Size:  591.4 KB
    Name:  IMG_2040.JPG
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Size:  632.3 KB

    (Forgot to upload these) Also tried quick sketching when watching TV, even the ads becomes productive xD
    Name:  IMG_2042.JPG
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Size:  677.3 KB
    Name:  IMG_2039.JPG
Views: 1624
Size:  651.5 KB
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    People are amazing!

    So you know how some artists recommend drawing 100 of something to get really good at it? I found a great clip where they got filmed close-ups of people from ages 1 to 100 off the streets of Amsterdam saying their age. There's a variety of interesting faces AND it was a good opportunity to study how people age. I originally intended on drawing all 100 of them, but, you know, that's kind of a lot lol. So I only did some and stuck them in my sketchbook and left spaces for when I went back to complete the whole video (did, like, 4 more). Some of the other faces were from when I was watching an online debate, just sketched the speakers and commenters as they were talking which was pretty hard.

    These drawings were pretty small and fast. Tried to keep these under 5 minutes so I would force myself to learn how to quickly gauge proportion and spacing and all the other details that makes a face unique. (Harry Hammernik's book on caricatures helped A LOT here.) When I go out into the streets myself, hopefully if I see a cool face for few moments, I can somewhat keep an accurate-ish record of it.

    Name:  Minifaces11.jpg
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Size:  290.5 KB
    Name:  Minifaces21.jpg
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    Name:  Minifaces31.jpg
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    Some full blown portraits. These were some of the first portraits I've done. I was referencing from photos so I tended to overwork it and try to copy every single value I see instead of limiting myself to a few. In some of these, I didn't make sure I got the overall structure and proportion of the face right before moving on, but I kept on going anyway which I shouldn't do. And won't. Feel like I like the lines only ones more than the tonal ones.

    Name:  ArizonaCorentinfixed.jpg
Views: 1668
Size:  781.4 KB
    Arizona Muse, Corentin Renault
    Name:  VanwyngardenMusmann2.jpg
Views: 1637
Size:  717.6 KB
    Andrew Vanwyngarden, Elizabeth Musmanno (example of a handsome woman, she's freaking gorgeous)
    Name:  CatherineMcNeil2.jpg
Views: 1629
Size:  460.2 KB
    Catherine McNeil
    Name:  Slaughter2.jpg
Views: 1622
Size:  686.6 KB
    Right: Karin Slaughter (another handsome woman)

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    great work, very inspiring

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    First foray into digital fitness!

    Thank ye Sandy! Hope to see some of your work on here soon too!

    After seeing all the great digital stuff by the artists on here, decided to finally try my own hand! YEAHAHA
    Used only limited brushes and palette.
    Tried my best here, feedback greatly appreciated!

    Name:  purplelight700.jpg
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Size:  149.1 KB

    Still scared of colour though
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    Really nice SB, birdwatching dude looks neat, great gestures! It seems like your cartoony drawings are far better than realistic one, just keep on practicing Last portrait got proportions a bit messed up, also you're smudging to much when digital painting - just pick hard round brush, turn oppacity toggle on (so it'll respond to the pressure you put when painting) and have fun. I'm also still scared of colour when doing studies so totally understand what you mean.
    keep on posting!

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    @Betty, Yeah! Lol I realised halfway the eyes are probably too big and the cheekbones unaligned. And it does look a little too smudgy too (the mark of a n00b xD). Friend just told me I need to use more planes in the painting. So gotta study that up and re-paint at a later date! Thanks for taking the time out to give feedback Betty!

    One thing though, can you clarify what you mean by better? Do you mean the realistic faces feel a bit wooden compared with the cartoony ones? Or the proportions are off? Just need a little bit of a pointer on where I can improve! I will, of course, keep at it

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    So many straight lines!

    So Loomis says perspective's THE most important thing to study before anything else. I used to look at the diagrams in his successful drawing book and be like O______O NOPE, NOT TODAY LOOMIS SORRY. So I studied Norling's book first. I'm sorta not afraid anymore. Sometimes I even enjoy it.

    I still have way too many problems. Most of them are technical (still need to construct the guiding lines to the VPs, they can get confusing, gauging space). But one big problem is that I don't like spending too long on a sketch, I don't have the patience for detail.... Would be great if anyone was where I am now and how they dealt with it!

    Name:  cube play.JPG
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Size:  222.9 KBName:  IMG_2154.JPG
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    Name:  IMG_2155.JPG
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Size:  166.3 KBName:  Sharpeners500.jpg
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    Name:  objects500.jpg
Views: 1585
Size:  242.3 KBName:  study.jpg
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    (realised my sharpener looks like one of those speedy low lying cars, which is kinda cool...)

    ON LOCATION (old to recent)
    Name:  IMG_2217.JPG
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Size:  620.4 KB
    Name:  IMG_2214.JPG
Views: 1557
Size:  196.4 KBName:  loc5500.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_2242.JPG
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    Name:  loc1500.jpg
Views: 1554
Size:  197.3 KBName:  loc2500.jpg
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    Name:  loc3.jpg
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    Name:  loc4.jpg
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    Name:  object2.jpg
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    Name:  life.jpg
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    Proportion-wise your cartoony faces are better. It's gonna sound stupid, but they do feel 'real'
    And for realistic ones - Loomis and Bridgman are good to study Keep on drawing!

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    WARNING - nekkid people ahead

    Betty, Nah that doesn't sound stupid at all! I'm an aspiring animator, it's my business to learn how to give fictional characters life, so I'm really happy that they do feel real to you! Realistic faces I'm not so desperate to fix, but yeah, gotta hit them books again. Thanks

    Think figure drawing's probably one of the best classes ever. Have a lot of trouble keeping attention for the longer poses and the action poses, and they tend to become really stiff and anatomical.

    Progressive poses, probably 2 minutes each
    Name:  progressive2.jpg
Views: 1549
Size:  223.2 KB
    Name:  progressive1.JPG
Views: 1546
Size:  289.3 KB

    15-30 second gestures
    Name:  1530sgest.jpg
Views: 1551
Size:  252.1 KB
    (Really like doing these faster poses, gets the adrenalin rushing. But because they're so fast, I often incorrectly identify line of action and rhythm)

    Action poses
    Name:  actionposes.jpg
Views: 1538
Size:  354.5 KB
    (So stiff, I can probably snap the drawings in half T__T)

    Name:  balance.jpg
Views: 1537
Size:  509.5 KB

    LEFT: longest pose, 5-10 minutes I think.
    RIGHT: Drawing model in between poses
    Name:  longpose500.jpg
Views: 1551
Size:  228.3 KB Name:  betweenposes500.jpg
Views: 1537
Size:  284.2 KB
    Actually think the right ones were much more fun to do than her actual posing. More natural. She was really unself-conscious, great for me! Don't have to be so shady, and can just openly stare haha xD

    Some of what I thought were my best
    Name:  actionpose500.jpg
Views: 1517
Size:  237.7 KBName:  Ben500.jpg
Views: 1526
Size:  185.1 KB

    Breaking old drawing habits
    Name:  1minnolift500.jpg
Views: 1526
Size:  204.9 KBName:  scribblygestures500.jpg
Views: 1540
Size:  191.1 KB
    (LEFT: no lifting the pencil
    RIGHT: she always demands MOAR SCRIBBLY poses)

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    Life quick sketching drawing

    Drew these last week. I usually try to be discreet when drawing people in public, but our animation program forced us to carry these huge ass A3 pads. I had a good time being conspicuous though cos I was huddled up with other creepy animators! Strength in numbers! They wanted about 10 pages minimum for the day?!?! but I could only get to 9.

    I don't like how the drawings are really messy and scattered on the page. There's was just so much to see, I was overwhelmed and tried to capture almost everything. Think maybe next time, I need to be more focussed when I go out to draw... (And kids are the best to draw because they're so unselfconscious and so easily amused, but because they're so quick and fidgety, they're also the hardest. T__T)
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    So glad I decided to stop by your sketchbook, aha. Great work!
    I especially love your life drawings and gestures, you can really feel the form and movement.

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    Thanks Shirli, for stopping by and for the comment! I'm glad the movement and form came through - cos I was in a drawing frenzy and just didn't think about anything ; ^ ;

    We visited the zoo the other day. This was the first time I actually tried sketching animals. I studied up on the anatomy a little before, but it wasn't enough, so I just drew what I could. Animals are awesome - if you watch them long enough, they might do some of the most surprising things. But like kids, this makes them that much harder to draw. Definitely going to try again!

    Name:  Lemur2.jpg
Views: 1534
Size:  258.4 KBName:  Lemur3.jpg
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Size:  259.0 KB
    Name:  Sunbear.jpg
Views: 1523
Size:  261.2 KBName:  Sunbear2.jpg
Views: 1521
Size:  275.4 KB
    Name:  Condor.jpg
Views: 1540
Size:  288.6 KBName:  Condorturkey.jpg
Views: 1526
Size:  253.2 KB
    Name:  Redpanda.jpg
Views: 1510
Size:  278.9 KBName:  RedpandaLion.jpg
Views: 1507
Size:  277.7 KB
    Name:  Pelican.jpg
Views: 1524
Size:  257.7 KBName:  Spoonbillducks.jpg
Views: 1505
Size:  276.9 KB
    Name:  Seals.jpg
Views: 1502
Size:  279.4 KBName:  Seals2.jpg
Views: 1487
Size:  254.6 KB
    Name:  MountainGoat2.jpg
Views: 1509
Size:  270.1 KBName:  TapirMeerkat.jpg
Views: 1526
Size:  281.7 KB

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    It´s a joy to see all your hard work christinted. Your drawings are getting progressively better. Especially in the animal sketches you did a good job capturing the essence of their poses. I´ll keep watching .

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    This is going to be a long one

    Thanks so much for the encouragement fantasyartist! I've actually been feeling like I haven't been improving or anything at all … which leads me onto this post.

    Think I'm stagnating - like I don't like anything I draw at all now - cos I'm using the same materials to draw. I'm getting comfortable. So finally this week so far has mainly been me trying to get myself uncomfortable. Which means trying out different materials. Which means getting to know the difference between a Conte stick and charcoal, acrylic and ink. lol.

    Ink and wash. Finally know what that is. Need more practice with controlling the brush. But all in all pretty fun! Will do this more. Adds a lot of depth to line drawings which can look boring really quickly tbh. Unless you're Kim Jung Gi ofc

    Name:  inkandwashh.jpg
Views: 490
Size:  228.8 KB

    Also did some quick sketching at the park. I get overwhelmed easily. It was really fun though. The best vantage point ever, very out of the way but also gives me an almost god-like perspective. Think next time I have to just pick a subject and commit to them for a page before moving on.

    Name:  Park2.jpg
Views: 382
Size:  568.6 KB
    Name:  Park1.jpg
Views: 350
Size:  519.0 KB

    Unfortunately, quick sketching didn't help me in life drawing class. Finding life drawing has been a little hard to get into lately. I really admire Normand Lemay's and Glen Keane's figure drawings. I'm in awe actually. Every drawing from them that I see are so clear, but they still retain a lot of energy, so they seem like they could be alive, and so most importantly, they tell story. So I tried to be like them and bought myself a conte stick. So much fail.

    Name:  fig13.jpg
Views: 333
Size:  411.5 KB
    Name:  fig12.jpg
Views: 343
Size:  433.4 KB
    Name:  Fig11.jpg
Views: 329
Size:  443.3 KB

    Name:  Portraitstuck.jpg
Views: 325
Size:  613.9 KB
    Ironically the only thing that I liked that came out of figure drawing were facial studies. Our instructor got us to shade. Definitely an interesting way to draw. I think I really needed that break from my preoccupation with line. Not to mention it was quick.

    We also got our figure drawing portfolio back, compiling what we thought were our best
    Name:  p1.jpg
Views: 324
Size:  286.7 KBName:  p4.jpg
Views: 321
Size:  276.4 KB
    Name:  p8.jpg
Views: 323
Size:  643.4 KB
    Name:  p6.jpg
Views: 344
Size:  277.5 KBName:  p10.jpg
Views: 330
Size:  281.8 KB
    Name:  p3.jpg
Views: 331
Size:  266.5 KBName:  p5.jpg
Views: 338
Size:  274.7 KB
    Name:  p7.jpg
Views: 339
Size:  290.6 KBName:  p11.jpg
Views: 334
Size:  287.3 KB

    Quick sketching with my new brush pen. Wanted to see what the hullabaloo was all about. I think get it now. But it's really uncomfortable for me to just ink straight onto the page, usually I draw a whole bunch of construction lines before feeling out for definite marks.
    Name:  Brushpenlife.jpg
Views: 341
Size:  285.1 KB

    We also visited the museum. We were actually meant to be drawing the stuffed animals *ULP* … but I got distracted by other things and tested my observation of simple perspective.
    At the time I thought there were actually 2 VPs on the interior. ... Am I wrong? I might have to do this again.
    Experimenting with ink and copics (applied liberally and shamelessly), also watercolour pencils and the brush water pen thingy.
    And ok so I did some in col-erase. Can't let go of my security blanket goshdang it. Dinosaurs are actually pretty cool though amiright

    Name:  Museum1.jpg
Views: 326
Size:  395.0 KB Name:  Museum2.jpg
Views: 299
Size:  264.7 KB
    Name:  Dinosaurs1.JPG
Views: 325
Size:  107.3 KBName:  Dinosaurs3.JPG
Views: 332
Size:  138.8 KB
    Name:  BirdEagle.jpg
Views: 330
Size:  185.4 KB

    Also did this a few weeks ago right after my first painted portrait of generic pretty ballerina (above). Used a square textured brush instead of round. Only took me a wee 7 hours... still not finished. I was going to continue ... but I've lost interest (for now) so here's what I've done. I've modified the expression from the original source photo so that explains her weird face – might need to re-do this from scratch. Later tho xD Learnt a little more about work flow though.
    Name:  Bored.jpg
Views: 329
Size:  224.5 KB

    Name:  Carnival3500.jpg
Views: 322
Size:  123.2 KBName:  Carnival2500.jpg
Views: 319
Size:  124.8 KB
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    really luv ur work...especially public drawing

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