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    Photoshop Blending

    I've been a traditional artist all my life but have lately been trying to expand my bag of tricks to include the digital medium. There is one thing about painting in photoshop that been bugging me and I hope someone here can help.

    In the picture below using my Wacom tablet with the opacity pressure turned on I make a blend from the top of the page towards the bottom. I start out with life pressure on the pen and gradually increase the pressure as I near the middle and then get lighter again.(fig 2) No problem in this gradation of color.

    Then (fig 3) I do the same thing but the problem is where the color overlaps it gets darker. (fig 1) I just want to add to my gradation.

    Any suggestions?

    Photoshop Blending

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    Well, you've hit on a kind of moot point there really. Photoshop doesnt really work like real paints or pencils in the way you want them to. You have to think (if youre using opacity) about the colour as washed out layers of colour that add up to 100 opacity...the more you overlap a 10% brush the more opaque it'll get.

    It's very difficult to answer this one without knowing what effect it is you're trying to achieve.

    What I tend to do when I want things to blend is use a brush with its hardness set it has a nice blurry edge and set opacity to pressure. Then I just use a large brush and only do a few strokes rather than 'sketck scribbling ' if you see what I mean. The overlap....well I usually work around it in one way or another.

    Maybe someone else can help, but for me, I work around some of the problems in Photoshop rather than tackling them head on.

    Hope this helps a bit, if not I'm sure someone else will know...
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