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    Hi, I am a senior in the IB program at Deerfield Beach Highschool. I have been drawing all my life. While recently school-work has occupied far too great a portion of my time, I have been in search of grounds (colleges) for improvement. In my school, art in general is not conveyed as valid a field as others (especially in the IB program), yet I know where I want to go (in direction). I am in the IB program for the purpose of achieving a better chance at getting into an art school which may provide a more solid base for developing skill in the fields of concept art. I am aspiring to work in concept art on a proffessional level. I am aware that I need much improvement until I get to that point, and am curious as to which colleges have programs good for developing my work.

    I have received contact from Ringling (visited) and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (main schools that I have taken notice of).

    I appreciate any help or guidance.

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    Hi Jack, do you mind if we see some of your drawings? Cause to get into an art school you basically have to already be fairly good at drawing(and show a bit of creativity). I don't know of any good art colleges that will actually take anyone and train them(unlike ateliers). Art colleges basically take what you have and push you further. But if you need a solid foundation, I'd recommend an atelier instead of a college. They can develop your observational skills like no other college can. The Watts Atelier in San Diego and the Water Street atelier in NYC pop into mind but there are quite a few ateliers across the US. And if you're particularly rich, you might check out the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy.

    I think most would say that concept art requires a solid foundation in the basics of drawing. An atelier will provide you with that. But I can't make this decision for you...just letting you know that there are alternatives to art school. You can always attend an atelier for say...2 years then apply for an art school and just totally humiliate all the incoming applicants.

    If you're deadset on the illustration program(I assume) at Ringling, come over and join the Ringling thread I made here:
    We can lend some helpful advice if you want some.

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    Ah, yes, foundation is not my problem as far as drawing goes. However I am not as experienced in the use of media (computers/techniques) as I know I want to be. In other words, most of what I do is in either, pencil, ink, marker or water color, and I am wanting to broaden my horizons and work upon perfecting craftsmanship, and execution (which is what I would expect to gain from an art school--- is something I have not been able to focus much on being in the excellerated "learning" environment that I am in), not skill or talent.

    And thank you for your reply-- appreciated

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