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    Jason Manley

    Jason !

    just wanted to say thanks for all the great post lately and how great it is to see someone of your calibur pushing and helping others progress ! a sighn of a true artist man the color thery thread and still lifes are great ideas will be posting soon !

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    I just wanted to say thanks as well. You could have just said, "ahh screw these newbs, they all suck, im better and I just care bout myself."

    But no, you want us all to get better and want to see improvement. I'm guessing you do all this because you once wanted someone to care for your improvement the way you care about ours. Thats the way I feel sometimes, I know im still learning, but at school, and with my life drawings, some people that look like they really try hard and want to learn come over and look at my stuff and ask questions and stuff. It gives me a sense of joy, to want to help em. because I went through the same things they're going through, and I was helped a lot and still am being helped to this day.

    Thanks for the support, and thanks for that oooh and ahhh thread. I think it gave us all a wake up call. see ya later, and a big huh from me to you!

    I know hugging sounds a bit weird, but you deserve it!
    DS Illustration
    "Get reference.
    There is nothing wrong with using a photo to help you see things.
    No one complains about life drawing,
    so take a photo.
    its easy, and will improve your piece greatly."

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