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    I Can't Access This Site From My Home!!

    I'm in a very emotional state right now... T_T... I can't access this site at my house! Why is that? It says that I am IP banned??? why is that?? What have I done?

    It seems that some of my friend have this problem too(some aren't even registered, and I can't access it at my college either(I'm currently at my brother's house).

    Please help me check out this problem please! I really want to view the arts and tutorials from this site!! They help me alot and give me lots of inspirations!! I can't really get to my bro house everyday just to view this site...

    If someone could help, I'd be greatful, I don't have much chance to see this post again unless I come to my bro's house, so... geh.. I hope this turn out ok T_T.......

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    with this little information i fear no one on this forum will be able to help you..

    do you have any kind of background programs (like firewalls.. file sharing progs.. icq.. aim etc.) running?
    maybe by deactivating them you can access

    is the only site you can't view?

    hope i could help a little..


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    Well this is probably because a relatively wide IP range had to be banned in the past.
    I guess you get a different IP assigned from your host every time you connect to the internet?
    Usually reconnecting and trying again should work in most cases then.
    It should only happen from time to time. That is what surprises me a little.

    I don't know what exactly the admins can do.
    But maybe you should contact one of them if nothing happens any time soon.

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    What kind of connection? How often does your IP change?
    There is really no reason whatsoever to ban IPs which change constantly. That will do more bad than it does good IMHO. So, if you can give us more specific information about your IP (you don't need to do that through this thread - just send me a PM) we will hopefully be able to do something about it. Thanks

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