I didn' t know where to post so I'll just post it here. This is an animation movie I made for a competition a few months ago. Unfortunately I came in second in the preliminairies (A movie about a weedsmoking statue that had an affair with a boy won..... well I guess it's still Holland <-- surpressed anger) But if anyone is in for a animation you should download it from:


It's a bit hard, to well understand, I had to cut the movie down to 5 minutes or else I couldn' t enter the competition so there are some open holes you have to fill in for yourself. in the animation is done by a musical friend of my (Misha Velthuis aka the Folkyman), everything you hear is original work. Some parts of the movie are in Dutch, but there are no spoken words and hardly any Dutch language in the movie.

Hope you'll like it.

Comments are welcome