Hey all. Been lurking here a bit, and finally felt the need to consult some of the more knowledgeable folks about my next college. I am currently attending the University of Arizona, and while it's a great all-around and research college, its art department is under a good amount of financial stress at the moment, and doesn't really support my interests. I (like so many others these days) want to go into Game Art and Design, and I've found two colleges in Phoenix that offer such a degree, with the added benefit of having family nearby. =)

The two colleges are Art Institute of Phoenix, and University of Advancing Technology. I know there are Art Institutes all over North America, if not the world, and so there are probably at least a few students or alumni here, but has anyone attended or heard anything about UAT? More specifically, its Game Design degree?

What I'd really like is to get a rep from each school in the same room and interrogate them, but since that isn't going to happen, any advice or opinions from the folks here would be very appreciated.

Just like to apologize in advance for yet another one of these threads, but when I ran a search I didn't find anything on UAT, so here I am. ^^