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    Must have materials/supplies??

    Hi everyone, well here is the scoop my birthday is coming up, in 5 days, sept 22. And my friends mom is taking me out the the art store, opus if all you know? And she is going to buy me what i want, so i want to know, what are some good supplies that are a must have, i don't care what they are just tell me, what you all like, and possibly even a picture, and hopefully a short description of what the tool does, this can be from acrylic, oil, watercolour, paints, to pens/inks, to pencils to clay, to easils anything supplied in a art store, i just want to know. What are some good things to have to make good techniques also???

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    As a newer artist, I use more basic supplies but here is what.

    PENCIL: Complicated to use but once you learn how, it can be handy!

    PEN: Ink pen, very useful, great for scanning lineart, and once your done the pencil drawing, making the outline and being able to erase all the pencil under it. I use a poor .5 cm pen, which usualy does freakishly thin lines because I got it from Wal-Mart -.-'. If you get a good one, you should get .2-.5 cm. Those are good ones to use to make line value diffrent and stuffs.

    PAPER: Okay okay, you might have this . Use diffrent types of paper, I use recycled and stuff because it works nice with pencil and its cheap. I got one for like 100 pages for just like a couple bucks.

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    Get a Tria marker set like this:

    Must have materials/supplies??

    and start sketching. Get the cold grey ones.. You can use them in an ordinary sketchbook, but i'd recomend you to get some marker paper for them, as the pens tend to drie out faster when used on normal paper.

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    2 types of pencils - charcoal (for doing value studies) and a mechanical (i prefer these, no sharpening).

    paper - a couple sketchbooks a small one for going out and about, an 8x11 for studies and such, and a larger 11x17 one for gestures and other stuff.

    kneaded eraser - no comment.

    extra stuff - a marker set like Olsen mentioned and maybe a nice ink pen (i prefer .5 pilot pens). pens almost force you to work fast and to think about the lines you are putting down.

    that should be good to start.

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