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    Registered mail cant protect copyright

    Hey Everyone
    I did some research and found out that lots of artists register their work with the post office. They call it the poor mans way, but I found out that the post offices only keeps record of a work sent in their registered mail archives from 1-9 years, depending on the service provider you use. Well copyright exists for “50 years past the death of the last standing author” in Canada and 70 years in the USA. Also the copyright office told me that the post office doesn’t collect enough substantial data, which would satisfies the requirements of the courts. So in fact the post office doesn’t work.
    The other way is with the Copyright office. Unfortunately it’s quite pricey!
    Does anyone know of any other methods

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    The postal way isn't guaranteed, but it's still usefull. It's not important to get the post office to keep records about what you mailed (as they usually don't know the contents of the package anyways)...the point is that you can use the unopened and postal stamped package as evidence in cases where someone else claims to have created the work first. Assuming it's still in good condition, professional document examiners can verify that the package has never been resealed, and that the postal marks are not forged, which goes a decent amount towards proving that the contents inside the package were there when it was mailed. Then, when opened and your copyrighted work is inside, it gives a good indication that you created the works on or before the postage date.

    Thus, the poor mans copyright. No, it's not fool proof, but it's still not a horrible way to do it if you don't want to to go the full copyright route. (Which, btw, isn't THAT expensive.)
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    Print your work, fold it and staple it together.Write your own adress on it and put on a stamp. Send it and you should have a printed copy of your work with a poststamp on it.
    Proves when you did the work and can help with some "ideastealing" issues.
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    Do you guys remember that jackass that jacked my shit and couple other peoples' and got a job off of it last fall? Of course he was fired... but yeah... He got it off of CA too.

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    Was that the very infamous Chris Runyon...what a jerk off...

    Good times indeed...

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