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    Wizard's Rainbow

    This is my homage to Stephen King's Dark Tower series, since the last book is coming out next week after over 30 years. This is the Wizard's Rainbow:

    Wizard's Rainbow

    Quote Originally Posted by Excerpt from Wizard And Glass(Dark Tower IV)

    "Not all the old stories are true, but I think that of Maerlyn's Rainbow
    is," Steven
    replied. "It's said that once there were thirteen glass balls in it—one
    for each of the
    Twelve Guardians, and one representing the nexus-point of the Beams."
    "One for the Tower," Roland said in a low voice, feeling gooseflesh. "One
    for the
    Dark Tower."
    "Aye, Thirteen it was called when I was a boy. We'd tell stories about the
    ball around the fire sometimes, and scare ourselves silly . . . unless
    our fathers
    caught us at it. My own da said it wasn't wise to talk about Thirteen, for
    it might
    hear its name called and roll your way. But Black Thirteen doesn't matter
    to you
    three ... not now, at least. No, it's the pink one. Maerlyn's Grapefruit."
    It was impossible to tell how serious he was ... or if he was serious at all.
    "If the other balls in the Wizard's Rainbow did exist, most are broken
    now. Such
    things never stay in one place or one pair of hands for long, you know,
    and even
    enchanted glass has a way of breaking. Yet at least three or four bends o'
    Rainbow may still be rolling around this sad world of ours. The blue, almost
    certainly. A desert tribe of slow mutants—
    the Total Hogs, they called
    themselves—had that one less than fifty years ago, although it's slipped
    from sight
    again since. The green and the orange are reputed to be in Lud and Dis,
    respectively. And, just maybe, the pink one."
    "What exactly do they do?" Roland asked. "What are they good for?"
    "For seeing. Some colors of the Wizard's Rainbow are reputed to look into the
    future. Others look into the other worlds—those where the demons live, those
    where the Old People are supposed to have gone when they left our world.
    may also show the location of the secret doors which pass between the worlds.
    Other colors, they say, can look far in our own world, and see things
    people would
    as soon keep secret. They never see the good; only the ill. How much of
    this is
    true and how much is myth no one knows for sure."
    He looked at them, his smile fading.
    "But this we do know: John Farson is said to have a talisman, something
    glows in his tent late at night ... sometimes before battles, sometimes
    before large
    movements of troop and horse, sometimes before momentous decisions are
    announced. And it glows pink."
    "Maybe he has an electric light and puts a pink scarf over it when he prays,"
    Cuthbert said. He looked around at his friends, a little defensively. "I'm
    not joking;
    there are people who do that."
    "Perhaps," Roland's father said. "Perhaps that's all it is, or something
    like. But
    perhaps it's a good deal more. All I can say of my own knowledge
    is that he keeps
    beating us, he keeps slipping away from us, and he keeps turning up where
    least expected. If the magic is in him and not in some talisman he owns,
    gods help
    the Affiliation."
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    That is fantastic. How did you get the reflections of the metal in the orbs to look so perfect?

    Makes me want to read the series even more, btw.

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    As I have no idea what the wizards rainbow is, I will say this is still a very cool materials experiment in a 3d package.

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    Here's another version, with different lighting and a change in materials:

    Wizard's Rainbow

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