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Thread: Hi, Im new!

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    Exclamation Hi, Im new!

    Hi, im Reiki, 17 years old, I live in holland. I got started with concept art when I got my Gnomon Scott Robertson DVD's, and I've had a blast with them and I learned alot, So I decided to look for some cool online community's, and stumbled upon Then I saw Feng's work and Puddnhead's work, and I seriously need to work on my concept art skills

    I've got a few questions too;

    How many hours a day would it take me to become like Feng/Puddnhead?
    Currently im only drawing for 2 hours a day, working on my lines and elipses..
    Im hoping that in about 4 to 5 years (wow) I make the stuff that Feng does

    Do you need a drawing tablet to work effeciently with painter 8?

    Does anyone know how the art eduction is in the netherlands? I've read a thread on cgtalk about it, and alot of people weren't satisfied with quality of dutch educations..

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    Hey Reiki

    17 eh? I think you'll be a good Feng/Pudden in 5 years, you never know -maybe better!. Add a few more hours of sketching to the mix, and yer there

    Drawing Tablet - a must with Painter (& PS if ya use it) its got all that pressure sensitivity going on! wooosh!

    Welcome to the Boards....


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    Welcome to the boards Reiki, If you draw everyday, you might be able to achieve that status in about 5 years or less, depending on how bad you want to improve, it's all up to you. There will be something in your head that will click and you'll end up knowing how to do stuff from memory, and your imagination.

    A wacom is very important, but not always, there are some people who uses a mouse (Merekat) who produces high quality work with only a mouse, I think she uses a tablet once in awhile. But a wacom is really good for sketching your pictures digitally if you don't want to waste paper, and like Molly said the sensitivity is a great feature.

    I don't know about the Netherlands, but you just gotta research it more, talk to the teachers and see what they teach on a daily basis, see how many students attend, because if it's too large the teachers won't have time to talk one on one about what you need to improve, since they got so many people to tend to, but if your short on money just teach yourself. Even with school, it's really up to you how bad you really want to improve, so if you put 110 percent in you'll be good to go in no time.

    Again welcome to the board and please start a daily sketchbook, so we can give you insightful tips and critiques, that's a great way to help you develop your keen sense for drawing.
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    Try to draw from life and study anatomy. On many of those dvds, like Feng and Neville Page they emphasize to look and study nature. I am a stuggling noob but I try to draw 2 hours a day from life and the rest get down ideas, doodle, paint etc. Good luck.

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