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    Hi guys, need some opinions :D

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new around here, and I got a question for some of the experienced artists out there.

    I'm a Junior in High School, and I've really wanted a career in art for as long as I can remember. So I'm starting to worry about college and what not.

    Now, more than ever I really want to start improving my drawing skills, I practice every night, but I can't seem to get off of this "cartoony" style and I'm hoping to change it a bit.

    Both of my teachers recommend I start an "adult drawing" course that's not in our school, but they both said it's aimed for the older crowd (18+). I'm only 16 and I agreed to take it.

    Now I'm a bit embaressed, because my parents have to take me there and they know what I'm going to have to draw, and I feel slightly uncomfortable drawing nude models.

    My first class tonight, so who knows, maybe doing it instead of actually talking about it will help. But is this really a good way to improve my drawing/knowledge of anatomy? Bear in mind, I don't want to complete rid myself of a cartoony look, I like it, and I want to get a career in animation, but I think it would help to know realism.

    Any advice is appreciated.

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    you have a very good approach to it. and yes knowing real anatomy will help you in your cartoony endavour. In fact, before "styling" a character, you need to know the foundations so to speak. So kudos to you on that one.
    As for the nude model, you'll get used to it. The first few times we had live model courses, there were a few giggles and then everyone grew up and got to work.
    Personally, I get on another planet as soon as I concentrate on the subject. It all becomes about volumes, proportions, interlocking shapes, muscles and bones, lights, reflections, "clair-obscur", etc. I kind of get lost in my thoughts and totally distance myself from the subject. well not really the subject but the nudity. It's so hard to explain...

    Check the tutorial section of the forum, there are many interesting tutorials in there. It might look daunting at first, but you can get a few pointers to put you on the right tracks.
    Have fun !

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    Hi Kapu,

    Figure drawing class is just about the BEST thing you can do for yourself. I got into a better art school than I deserved based on having of lot of figure drawing sketches. Now that I have to evaluate a lot of portfolios....the most common downfall is figure drawing.

    (There's a reason why the most seasoned pros still take the time, if only occasionally, to attend sessions!)

    Even if you ultimately want to be "stylized" or go into cartooning -- remember the best cartoonists can draw realistically like a dream. Itís only after you really know anatomy that you can exaggerate and simplify convincingly.

    And, as was stated above...Give yourself ten minutes and you'll forget all about the nudity. Do your parents have to come into the classroom with you? That might be awkward for a moment but I bet they come out of the experience with a much greater understanding of your talent and determination than most kidís parents.....It might be a blessing in disguise.

    Good luck!


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