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    Give me some guiding/help

    I signed up here quite a long time ago, but never used my account, I never posted anything. Ive been here very much as a lurker though, this is one of my absolute favourite websites.

    I am 16 now. I was always good at drawing for my age until I was about 11-12 when I stopped drawing completely. So my skill has been blown away with the years of not playing around with pencils, and I am now not very good anymore.
    When I was younger my biggest dreams for the future was always about becoming a comic-maker(Inspired by Marvel and McFarlane) or concept artist, but those dreams faded away for some reason without anything else taking their place. I dont know why it got like this and I regret it. Ofcourse I am still young and I do not suck totally at drawing, but I feel I could have been much better. Anyway, thats not very important, I just feel like writing today. The dreams are partially starting to come back, and I now draw quite alot.
    As I am not going to any artclasses or so, I will not get the proper education for becoming a really good artist I guess, and I will probably try to get a job as a journalist or as some other kind of writer, as that is what Im reading for at school.
    So is it possible to have concept art as a side job, just send the concepts via mail to the employers. Do the employers always want to see a good background education-vise or is it possible to convince them with only a good portfolio and a showing interest for a job? Now I feel really interested in doing something like that in the future, and I hope my drawing wont fade out again, I dont think it will.

    And about the second thing in the thread-title, about scanner help.
    I want to buy a good scanner for my "art" as my old one is really crappy and it seems it cant be installed on my system. Maybe Im looking at the wrong sites but it seems the big scanners that can scan A4 papers and bigger are really expensive, and the ones that I can get for about 100$(Roughly counted from swedish Kronor), are portable thingies that are really small.

    I am seriously really sorry for my English, Im not doing too good at the english classes in school.
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