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    Two heads sketch page

    A sketch I am happy with... Tell me your crits and comments

    Two heads sketch page

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    The CA Academy is a great way to improve yourself. Your drawings have potential. It looks like you are trying to see the big shapes that constitute the form of the subject. Your proportions can still improve a bit. By that I mean that the distance from the eyes to the top and bottom of the head should be nearly equal. If you want some great help for drawing faces and figures look up Andrew Loomis' book "Fun with a Pencil" and "Figure Drawing for all It's Worth". They can be found at in digital form. Study them and they will hwlp your progress.

    You have a great start. Draw as much as you can and you will happier with all your sketches. Good Luck!
    "People never improve unless they look to some standard or example higher or better than themselves." (T Edwards)

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    Hehe I think this sketch is too advanced for the academy assignments.
    You'll have to wait for the sketching assignment.

    I think it is an interesting combination of lines and shading.
    Kinda has a lung bug feel to it. It's just too sketchy in crucial areas IMO.

    A typical front view and a typical 3/4 view of faces ...
    they are drawn as if they are very far away fron the viewer if you take perspective into account.
    That takes away from the image. The amount of details is good.

    It think it would look better without the head in 3/4 view.
    You went for a certain effect by filling the negative space on the right side I guess?
    It didn't quite work IMO. Maybe it would if you'd show a bit of the neck.
    I guess there are also some construction errors. That head just doesn't help the sketch.

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    Hey, you've got a pretty good sense of form going on with these.
    I especially like the long exaggerated neck. I has a nice curve to it.
    I think the rendering of the individual facial features can be tightened up a bit.
    The eyes, nose, and lips can all be rendered a little more clearly and delicately.

    Keep it up!

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