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    tips for learning animation

    I have a 13 year old nephew who has had a desire to learn animation for a long time, he's been obsessed with it for over a year now. I'm an IT Specialist but I know nothing of animation, except that its complicated and involved. He keeps saying he needs Adobe Flash Professional which I understand at some point he will. I just suspect there are some intermediate softwares and skills he would be better off learning. I know he has a long road ahead of him but where is a good starting point. He is a pretty good artist, has decent computer skills but doesn't have much else to work with. I splurged and got him a lenovo Flex with touchscreen for Christmas. Flash is awful pricy on top of that so I'm just looking to give him some good guidance. What's a good roadmap? Any helpful tips from anyone?

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    I reckon you'll get more help on an actual animation forum versus a concept art forum. I would start by checking out:

    That said, if it's 2D animation, then Flash or Toonboom is probably the way to go. You're nephew is still quite young and so he won't be needing those anytime soon.

    If it's 3D animation, wait till he's a bit older and I would just have him enroll in an online animation school. There's a few that come to mind.

    It'll probably seem pricey but compared to the price of going to an actual animation school, online is a lot better. Unless he's planning to go to CalArt's or Ringling or something, I wouldn't really recommend going to an art school.

    In all though, I would just tell him to keep drawing and to draw a lot. In 4,5,6 years if he still wants to go into animation then yeah.

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