Sketchbook: Then the girl said: Less art, more chocolate. (Journey of the 1st CA student)
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Thread: Then the girl said: Less art, more chocolate. (Journey of the 1st CA student)

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    Then the girl said: Less art, more chocolate. (Journey of the 1st CA student)

    Teach me to draw, please! - this is how it all begun.
    I guess i have to do this.
    My name is Andrei Fantana - here is my little journey.
    I've seen by accident in its first days and i suddenly wanted to draw and paint like all the front page guys. What followed was a trip i wish for everyone - a journey into myself and towards brother-like friends, the exploration of what most of you love probably as much as i do.
    So Jason said - ok - we'll teach you. I reminded myself that i should be a complete retard to miss such an opportunity.
    I went the very same day and bought myself a wacom, a scanner and drawing tools.
    He said then:
    - Do your Self Portrait.
    - Wait... I've never done this - shouldn't we start with a cube or a sphere or something like that?
    (but then again who was i to speak back? and hey, what Andrew was doing - the self portraits thing - had turned my head completly. brute inspiration )

    LESSON 1

    that was so hard - but i was happy. they said it somehow good

    the lessons if i remember correctly were like one week assignments.
    next week Jason tried to show us (more had joined me and we were already a few) how it's supposed to be like.

    LESSON 2

    i don't know about you but when i saw it the first time i was about to quit
    luckily i've spent all my money into wacom and all - there was not much room to turn back. You have there my pathetic attempt - but hey - they said it was good

    Well... next lesson was MASTER PAINTING

    LESSON 3

    I've spent some time on it - meaning few hours (around 8 hours in more sessions)
    I'm always lacking time - with a sort of 2 jobs and lots of other projects
    Well... for once i was quite amazed by what i was doing - remember - this was probably less then a month after i've started to draw. I'm sure you know the feeling of a compliment - but when my mom got to see it by mistake and she said it was nice... it sounded too strange.

    LESSON 4
    well.. this is where things got sentimental and all.
    My brother had a terrible paragliding accident. He was a mess - couldn't move at all.

    My assignment changed - i started to draw him everyday. It was really painful to look at him - i do have some pictures but seeing them now just messed me up again.
    He's the extreme sports kind of guy - being in bed isn't him - i was happy i could mix the drawing with the brother time spending. The schedule was already tight. I guess those are bad drawings with good feelings in them. I really tried.
    I've started to spend more time drawing - long nights and all - got myself 2 casts and tried my hand at it.

    here - a motocentaur - i think my first concept - for a friends game concept.

    and these are probably the first drawings out of my head - and the first contest at conceptart: bugs concepts!

    i kept on drawing - on self portraits - EVERY DAY and tried to do some extra drawing too.

    here - the 1st concept that got into a game:

    In the end i've lost my job.

    portraits follow

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