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    the list

    this is a pic i did the other night, 6 hrs photoshop. c+c please
    what should the story be? a captain giving orders, a soldier giving plans or a pilot reading a list of dead. Any inspiration is probably from band of brothers, oh and the small fact war is upon us.

    the list
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    I think the first one fits the best. Possibly the second one. I don't think the third one fits, cuz I can't relate the pilot without no plane! Although i like the third one better. Looks really nice. One other thing, would be to diffentiate the two different types of ranks of soldiers with a differnet suit, or different colored suit. Great to have u here snoopy!
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    is the soldier trying to salute

    Just a little curious as a Devildog I am wondering if the soldier without the paper is saluting the soldier with the paper or what. I really can't tell what his is doing aside from possibly scratching his head. The reason for asking is in the military you salute with your right hand, not your left. Unless this is from some ass backwards world. Aside from that the painting gives a real sense of emotion, it has feeling which is good, however the emotion it invokes in me is somber or saddness. This feeling is coming from the overwhelming sense of darkness on the two characters, the background is full of light and they are so dark and muddy. Finish it and it will be really nice. Don't think that you to change uniforms on them just show a little rank on them. If you are not sure as to how to rank it go to
    this will tell you what all the different ranks look like. Keep in mind that you probably don't want to use the navy, air force, or coast guard! Hope all that helps a little.
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