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    This doesn't look like the Lincoln Tunnel, Sam.

    I hope introductions aren't frowned upon here, but since it's specifically mentioned in the description of the Lounge, I'm taking my chances.


    I found this forum through a friend, who himself is not registered here. He feels that's he's "unworthy," that he'll never be able to compete with you guys; I, on the other hand, realize that, while my art is obviously shit compared to most of what I've seen here, it's not a competition. I want to get better, and I want to participate. So I guess this thread is kind of simultaneously an introduction, as well as a poke at my friend to get him to participate.

    My DA Gallery

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    welcome i joined with the exact same story as you just here to learn and get better.

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    oy! a deviantart boy, eh?

    get yourself some cream photobucket real estate. they'll treat ya right, son.

    And make real good buddy buddy like wif davi. call him 'luv' and such. and Calle_ too. those boys aren't right in the head but they're gorgeous in bed.

    i was kidding about that last bit, you wouldn't want davi wanking on yer car, now would you?

    it's real friendly like and relaxed here, for the most part, cept when someone pulls a little pirate act and steals some art. i tell ya, throats get chopped when that happens.

    and mind the board titles and rules. don't be posting scribbles and tic tac toe doodles in the It's Finally Finished!!!!1!! section. it gets kinda like when ya bugger uo and walk in on a gay orgy of 1200 kilo's per man weight luggers. oy, i tell ya. my ass is sore to this day.

    -and to explain the accent kinda thing... lets just say i talked to someone with this british townie accent for like an hour. she had pretty eyes.

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