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    Jobs around the world and the English language.

    I just read a long facebook rant, and wanted to gain some perspective in this area. For those of you who live in countries where English is not the the first language:

    Do a lot of jobs within your country require you to have English proficiency? People who don't know English. . . are they viewed as disadvantaged or do they feel disadvantaged? Are people 50 years old and up less likely to know English?

    For those who do live in a country where English is the first language:

    Do a lot of jobs within your country require you to know another language? Are those, who don't know a second language, looked at as disadvantaged? Do you feel expected to learn another language?

    I'd appreciate any insight into this area! I wanna know your thoughts.

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    hmm well.. i guess it depends on the company and the country you live in. Since we have multiple languages, we don't always use english to communicate.. But of course, learning english will give us the advantage but we don't have to be fluent in it.

    Some of my previous lecturers can't understand english very well but they got the job because they can still communicate in other languages.
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    I'm from Sweden.
    Most people here knows English rather well, it's being taught in school from a young age. The older generations 50 and up usually knows a bit of German and/or French. But that is not all that common with young people anymore as English has become the major second language, before it was just one of possible European languages you could study and especially German was a good choise for your career.

    It is expected to know English and I am sure that many people who doesn't feel embarrased about it. A passing grade in English is required to gain access to higher education. So if a job requires an education the employers expect you to speak it fluently. If you actually need it or not is a different question. Unless it is part of your job to deal with foreigners I am sure that you can get by just fine.

    I would consider it a disadvantage to not understand English. Since English has such a big status in Sweden many things are not translated to Swedish from English. Of course public information is always available on Swedish and on many different languages as well if you don't speak either.

    Sweden is a big country geografically but there are not many people living here. So for many jobs the market in Sweden is very small and it is a huge advantage to be able to look elsewere.

    I'm curious what the rant was about.
    In time I believe that the translating tools will be more sofisticated and the internet will help people connect all over the world without a common language,

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    Thanks Rusty and Frida! This person is just frustrated because she says, as an older person, she was not required to learn a second language when she was in school. Now, when finding a job, she finds they all require a certain other language to be considered for the job. She lives in California, so I'm assuming she means Spanish, due to the large Spanish speaking population that lives there. She feels that since they moved to an English speaking country, they should learn English and business should not be catered to their language. She feels that if she were to move to another country, she would be required to learn their language to get a job, and so she should not be required to learn another language to get a job in her home country.

    I know there are a lot of other countries where a good amount of people know English and I'm wondering if this is more of an economical trend or a cultural trend. Lol. Am I just a dumb ass, or what? Just curious. I've never really thought of this topic before and I'm just trying to take advantage of the many English speakers here on CA who are from all over the world.

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