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    Hi there

    I really try to keep this one short:
    I, 24 year old german girl, live in Switzerland and I'm not so happy as I want to be (quit assistant/office job in March, went traveling until August, bf broke up, didn't find new job until now and don't know when I'll find something, want to do something artsy, can't seem to get into that section)

    Well. I'm thinking about going somewhere else to study.
    I thought about Canada (Toronto or Vancouver), the US (NY, SF), or London. The thing is. Everything is so damn expensive. F.E you don't pay anything in Germany while in the states around 10k would be normal (or something like that)....

    I just want to do something creative and possibly not in Switzerland or Germany...or France.....and on the other hand, so many people want you to have a master in everything. So school wouldn't be that bad.

    Soo yeah.....someone got an advice?
    :3 thx

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    Hard situation, finding a suitable job is hard nowadays I think, I have the same problem. Do you have a degree? And if so, what kind? Can you afford school actually? I have been looking into school tuitions but they are pretty high when the state does not provide any financial help for it.

    I would try to find a paying job that you could do on the side while working on your art. Not the best solution really, it sucks to not fully focus on art, but it takes away some uncertainty. But yeah finding jobs is hard too.

    Edit: What does your artwork look like currently? Do you post it online somewhere?

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