I'm a senior IB (High School) Student resident in Switzerland, but am American by nationality and seeking a career in the States. I'm quite undecided in terms of what I want to do with my life still, but one thing is for sure, is that I want to do something art-related. But the big debate with my parents is that they won't fund any expensive art education if i cannot get a decent job from it. Right now, the two colleges I am most interested in are SCAD for its wide choice of majors, and Ringling, because of its awesome location, size, and price ratio.

As far as what major I am currently thinking about, I think at SCAD I would want to do Industrial Design/Product Design since it would open a larger door in respect to jobs. The other option I believe is illustration, and for that I would definitly want ot go to Ringling, but I hear that SCAD's Illustration is good too.

I haven't found any other colleges other than the two mentioned above that have really interested me, or struck me as a place I want to spend four year of my life at. Do you have any other suggestions on where I should consider applying? One thing I definitly want to avoid is a going to a college that doesn't put strong emphasis on either Illustration or ID. Are there any other majors that would give wider employment opportunities?

I also have a strong passion for playing electric guitar, but no further than a hobby. But it is my interest to live in a place with a rock-oriented music scene.

Thanks in advance for any replies, they will be greatly appreciated.