Ack, I need to do more sketches! I've had this sketchbook for 3 or 4 months now, and only 11 pages! Well, 11 pages I'm willing to show and 3 to 5 that were just stupid playing with no rendering at all, scribbles.

Nonetheless, I think I have improved slightly over time, but that's for you to decide. The sketches are shown in chronological order, some of them are dated in the signature. I'll make a short info blurb about each one.

This is just a bunch of randomness. The harmonica on the top left and my left hand shown on the bottom right are from reference, everything else from my head.

My Algebra II teacher's desk. Drawn from life during a lunch period.

Quick doodle of a spaceship I felt like doing, pretty childish.

Classroom television & VCR inside of holding thing that suspends them from the ceiling. Drawn from life.

My left hand. I'm not happy with this one's value range. If you see it in person it's pretty cool but I wasn't very bold with my darks and the scanner just futzed it worse.

Little war scene I doodled when bored. I was going to go back later on and replace the stereometrics with real bodies, but never did.

Another doodle. I was sitting at a bus stop listening to Pink Floyd and just felt like replacing the cars on the road in front of me with rabbits. I got lazy on this one.

Was bored waiting for someone at my school so I used a ball point pen to sketch one of the cones/pylons at the school during construction. It has a length of PVC duct-taped to it.

This one is from the interior of a houseboat on lake Shasta. I went with my church and they kept us busy so I didn't have time to work on it much. Later that day we moved so I couldn't go back to it and finish. That's the window frame you see around the edge.

This was done in blue pen but I do greyscale scans to save my disk space (and your bandwidth ) Just one of my really weird doodles that I like to do.

I did this today. It's the aquarium in my room. I found out that my pencil's eraser had turned to granite and that pissed me off and made some permanent smears. In case you can't tell, the plant on the right side drifted out of the rocks and the plastic V-shaped base is above the gravel, it's sorta floating.

That's all. Hard to see progress with so few sketches I'm sorry. I'm gonna pick up the pace and draw for the sake of learning instead of just when I want to. All feedback is appreciated.

If you'd like me to make these a little bigger (I was pretty cheap with my image sizes) I can. These small ones dont exactly due justice.