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Thread: to MGH!!!!!

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    daysoldier Guest

    to MGH!!!!!

    hi fella
    i'm that smart and i'm a doctor now
    but i was a penciller before that
    at the age of 4 i had my own exhibition with 987 pics :cool:

    i'm new with this digital world, but i learn quick: this is a piece that i worked on, on the second week of my "self-education" of ps6 (first completed cg ) now i'm on my second month of cg world...


    and this is the one that i work on now (the pencils and the inking is not mine, at that time i had no scanner, but i wanted to work on something, so i came up with this...gotta work hard for this
    flak riot

    now that i have a scanner i will come up with better things...i hope to get on to your skill level as soon as possible

    geez man, go on...luvyerwerk

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    Don't know who MGH is but the second piece has alot of cool figures on it.
    Chad Townsend

    We now return you to Bullit already in progress...

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    Hey Daysoldier (M.G. Sermen?)
    I hope you know that my reply to your post was strictly tongue in cheek. I just thought it was kind of funny that I got nabbed by, not just an art student who had a few classes in anatomy, but a doctor that studied it in university for 3 or so years.
    I guess you might be what actors call a triple threat. Not only can you act, but you can act sing AND dance.
    Keep it up dude.

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    daysoldier Guest this please

    you got me man
    got my hands up
    if that was itchy...sorry for that
    i was trying to be funny
    it's 6 years long the medical school i finished it in 9 was not that smart methinks :p
    (you know why...i stopped my education just to go to states to be a comic artist...geez how many people do you think in this world wamts to be a comic artist instead of a doctor...not to mention that comic books are not welcome in turkey for most of the population and a best-seller comic sells only 3500-even i'm talkin'bout the x-men)

    it's so nice to get in contact with kind people like you

    it is hard to find people like you in forums in turkey (wll i'm not even sure if there is a forum like this one in turkey either)

    you got a web site? 'cuz i really appreciate your work so i want to see some more of dynamic action

    see ya

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    Man! You're really good. Good choice: draw a comic books. :-)
    ..:: Yaseck ::..

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