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    peculiar behavior w/ photoshop in xp

    i just installed xp w/ sp2 and photoshop cs is behaving really strangely.

    basically when i am workin on an image, and select ANY tool or layer or palette thingy, it will DESELECT the image im working on. so i'll have to click it once to reselect it, then click again to use whatever tool...

    gets irritating fast.

    anyone have this problem before? any idea how to fix it?

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    Warning to everyone, dont install SP(service pack) 2 if you have XP. There are apparently loads of bugs in it that screw up literally hundreds of programs/games. Wait for later updates (ie next year).

    Sorry I know nothing of how to alter whats happened to you chumps

    A fix is to remove SP2, how to do that without re-formatting is beyond my basic computer skills.
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    lol! it's sp2 does indeed cause a few problems of its own, but the added security is a benefit.

    in the end i found out what my problem was. it was a conflict with this shell enhancer utility that i use. damn shame too cause it's really quite nice..


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    First : you can uninstall the SP2. It create a backup for that. (it's in the uninstall panel of windows)
    Secondly : the progs who got problem are the one who use hack that were removed with the SP2. Don't hope that MS will read them back... Most program have update out, so no major problem here.
    Third : some program need a connection to the network. Configure the Windows Firewall(it will simply pop a msg box with a question, answer yes), or use another firewall(still, you will have to configure it too, no black magic here )

    And seriously, update your systeme, update your apps and it will be fine. No major problem here(just have to update Nero, took 10 minutes)

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