Hello everyone. I have decided to do a still life or environment every morning for 100 days or perhaps more. Unlike many other threads you'll be able to still post even if you miss days and can jump in at any point. I did one of the anatomy challenges earlier this year and found it very effective as well as motivated.

Any media would be allowed but you must spend at least 40 mins or more a day working on your study's. Example: ( you can do one big piece for 40 mins or lots of quick line sketches that total to 40 mins). I don't want to see just 1 pieces that took you 5 mins on its own if you get me.

Whether this does actual happen or not I will still do this in my own sketchbook. It's just nice to talk to others while working through the days, as I find it alot more enjoyable as well as helpful as people can give tips and critiques to one another.

Please reply on this thread if you would like to join and well see what happens ^_^