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    Burnt out from studies--need advice please :)

    I'm at a point in my studies where I honestly want to jump off a cliff. I haven't done so well in some of my classes and am looking to re-take them, but allow me to elaborate on my situation. So, I began taking my first college art courses while still in high school with middle college. I took Drawing I and 2D Design then and made a C in both. Looking back on it now, I wasn't at all serious about my studies. Fast foward to 2012, my first semester as a full time college student. I'll list all the art courses I've taken so far and the grade next to them.

    Art Survey I- C
    Art Survey II-C
    Drawing II- C first time; A second time
    3D Design- B
    Electronic Imaging-A
    Painting I-C

    And in my core classes I have made As and Bs. I currently have a 3.08 as my GPA, but I just made a D in an online class (wasn't an art one) and now it just feels like everything is crumbling. It was an 8 week course with a professor who didn't get many good reviews according to ratemyprofesssor. I currently have Watercolor I, Drawing III and Sculpture I. The latter two classes I'm not too worried about, but I'm afraid that for the watercolor I I'll end up making a C no matter what I do. I find that he gives a final grade based on your sketchbook and assignments at the end of the semester, meaning that you can re-make things without him really knowing.

    I'm currently enrolled in the art program at a state college and have a minor in creative writing. I have been wondering if I should take a semester or two to remake the courses I have a C in. I've always known I wanted to be an artist since I was young, so it really kills me that I'm making a C in courses related to my future career. Nearly all the art courses I've taken so far are foundational courses, so I'm glad I at least ain't bombing upper division classes. I just began painting for the first time at the beginning of college and I haven't done well in any of the painting classes. I've thought about retaking that one painting class with a different professor and then just learn painting on my own with alternative resources.

    Do you guys think I need some more time to adjust to college or that I've become stressed out? Should I take a break from taking anymore art courses for a semester or two and focus on my minor? Or should I actually look into going to an art school instead? Has anyone else been in this situation? Any answer is helpful.

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    I see where you are coming from on this. One can only do so many before getting tired of it. Improving my drawing skills is not a high priority these days. Now, I am focusing on making Electronic Music.
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    Um, I'm looking to go to art school somewhere, so I don't have experience on this.
    I thought I'd give you my 2 cents anyway
    However, to me it sounds like you're really stressed out.
    It's no wonder you're not doing well in painting classes if you've never really painted before. All of these things take time to learn. Persistence will get you there, but does it all have to be right now at once? Are you in a hurry? I know I want a gap year.
    You have a big load, and don't let it stress you out too much. The most important thing is that you're improving, whether or not your grade reflects it.
    When my motivation falters, this forum can help, receiving and giving feedback is a great motivator. Making a sketchbook thread that people can critique and comment on is something that might get your steam going
    I wish you all the best, and remember, this forum is full of artists who can help you.

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    Thank you for your advice! I will probably try to post my art up sometime.

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    The concerns you have highlighted are common amongst art students, and they are certainly concerns I had myself when I was studying.

    The first point I would like to touch on is that you should not try to achieve so much in such a short period of time. Becoming a commercial artist takes time, and therefore it is not something you can achieve by working yourself to a point of exhaustion over a short period of time.
    The second point is this, the majority of your learning will take place outside of the classroom, self initiated study is essential for any aspiring creative, and so your development as an artist does not rest solely on your studies.

    The most important part is to take the time to relax. You will not be able to do your best in your studies if your stress level is through the roof. I make a point of taking time out to do activities that do not involve art all. It can oftentimes lead to a renewed perspective regarding ones' own work.

    Good luck

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