Hey all, sometime last month in my visual effects class we had to storyboard our final project for such class and whatnot... so me and my teammate teamed up on these boards as well (I handled the lines, she handled the colors)

Quick boards for quick project

I forgot to add the camera stuff underneath the panels, so heres a brief explanation:
About 20 seconds in length, this short features Meatloaf the troll and Princess Pretty. Meatloaf is doing one happy stroll one day until a glowing branch gets in his way, curiosly he picks it up and a fairy comes out of it (Princess Pretty) Although alarmed at first, he quickly warms to the princess and her pixie dust, so he tries to catch her indeed. Misses not only once, but twice. After such a clumsy display of affection, the princess realizes she better get the hell out, we close up on her as she flies away and BLAM! Meatloaf catches her... but perhaps he caught her a little too much since a freakin fairy explosion takes place.
This was done in 3d, simple models and animation, but hopefully ill be able to provide a link or some shots later on, fun stuff to do really
hope you enjoy it!